Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My review of Waiting For My Queen by Georgia Cates

Emilia Bellini is turning 21 in 1978 and has fallen in love with Nicolo Moretti but her father promised her as a child to Luca Rossini. With both families prominent mafia families will Luca be willing to let Emilia follow her heart?

There is no way that Luca will give up what was promised to him and he will do anything to keep Emilia for himself and punish anyone who stands in his way.

Can Emilia focus on what she needs to do to get revenge on Luca for taking away those she cares about before she loses anyone else?

This was such an incredible book that I loved from start to end and I couldn’t put it down! One of the things that I really liked was that it was set in the past and therefore certain things like cell phones and technology really didn’t play a role and it made things flow wonderfully as it was a different time back then.

I absolutely loved Emilia and my heart just broke for her on what she endured on what was supposed to be the most incredible day of her life. Emilia lost everything and was forced to move in immediately with Luca and begin a new life with him where she was going to be forced to marry him and give him a son. I was surprised when it was revealed what her occupation was and I was proud of her for insisting that she wasn’t going to give it up for Luca.

Luca was such a jerk at the beginning of the book and so cruel. He was absolutely heartless and the things he did were awful. He had a serious coke addiction and he was a different person when he was under the influence and it made him even worse than he was when clean. I was so mad at him for what he did to Emilia’s family and it shocked me at how far he truly went.

There was a certain point where Luca began to change and possibly realize what he had with Emilia. He began to treat her more like a queen but he still had his demons that he was battling. Yet Emilia also had her own plans at this time due to everything she had gone through and it was interesting to watch the dynamic in the book begin to change.

I felt as almost Luca’s demons and addiction were winning until an event happened that completely shocked me involving Emilia’s Uncle Ricardo. I truly hoped that was the moment that Luca would smarten up.

I was freaking out a little when Emilia’s news came out and I was happy to see how much Luca began to change and it was evident that he truly cared about her but now Emilia was faced with her own dilemma and I was curious to see how much that would change things for her. I was shocked at her honesty with Luca at times but I was also really proud of her for how much she had grown.

There was an incident at the Rossini compound that had me completely freaking out and I was so happy Luca got to the house in time as Emilia was freaking out!!

The end was awesome and I loved everything that happened. I loved Luca’s big apology and I was just so impressed and happy!!

I can’t wait for more from this author!!

5 Stars 

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