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What's Left of Me by Jennifer Loring

What's Left of Me Graphic

What’s Left of Me by Jennifer Loring

Series: Book Two in the Firebird Trilogy

Tagline: “There is always one more secret…”

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Release Date: July 26, 2016

WhatsLeftofMe_jacket2Recovering from years of living the superstar hockey life wasn’t easy, but now Aleksandr Volynsky finally has everything…

He’s married to the love of his life, expecting a daughter, and has a new job as an assistant coach with his old team, the Buffalo Gladiators. His happiness is short lived, however, when a sexual assault allegation surfaces, and Alex is forced to cooperate with an investigation for a crime he didn’t commit.

Stephanie Hartwell is juggling her dream job with marriage and motherhood, but she’s not convinced she’s doing any of it well…

Stephanie’s stress level goes from bad to worse when she’s diagnosed with a serious illness. Battling declining health and the critics who question her commitment to Alex in light of the allegation, she makes a decision that could change their relationship forever.

Alex is afraid he’s about to lose everything—especially when he sees Stephanie’s friend kiss her…

Devastated that his life is spiraling out of control again, Alex turns to his friend, Natasha, a Russian pop star. Convinced that Stephanie and her friend Brandon are having an affair, Alex resumes his self-destructive behavior.

What Alex doesn’t know is Stephanie has been conducting a secret investigation of her own. She learns the truth behind the sexual assault—a truth no one, especially Alex, expects.

With everything now out in the open, can Stephanie and Alex commit to a fresh start for the sake of their daughter, or will the ghosts of their pasts finally tear apart everything they have left?

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Aaron’s Honor by Lindsay Cross

a Men of Mercy novella

Special Forces Operation Alpha by Susan Stoker Kindle World spinoff


Lindsay Cross

SNOW IN JULY by Kim Iverson Headlee



Kim Iverson Headlee

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Release Blitz for THE REWEAVING by Holly Barbo

Book 4 of the Sage Seed Chronicles


Holly Barbo

My review of Cocktails and Lies by Lynette Sofras

Hannah James is an insurance loss adjuster who for the first time must deal with her own loss as her house has been burglarized. She meets officer Callum Connors who has his suspicions towards her neighbor, Janson Behrendt, whom Hannah just met.

As Hannah tries to sort out her feelings towards the two men she must decide if she is interested in either one and why someone would want to break into her house. Then she discovers a mysterious secret from her grandma and she begins to immerse herself in her grandma's past and link it to the past of someone else she knows.

Will Hannah learn the truth before the two men in her life decide to take matters into their own hands?

I found this book okay but had a little trouble with keeping motivated to read it. I found there was almost too much going on and that took away from it.

I enjoyed Hannah and the things she began to discover with her grandma. I found that was the most interesting part of the story. Hannah's relationship with her mom was toxic and yet Hannah was extremely generous with her. I'm glad that Hannah's relationship with her sister Tara and with Ted was able to improve in the book.

Callum was hell bent on revenge and I think towards the end he just wanted to make sure he was right, regardless of the outcome.

3 Stars

Cocktails and Lies by Lynette Sofras



Lynette Sofras

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My review of Carnal Whispers: Mind Stalker by Reily Garrett

Daniele works for veterinarian Dr.Carari when she notices that someone has been lurking around her. Escaping from her past she knows she must be careful of those around her knowing that her past could catch up with her at any time.

Marc Crofton is an ex-military and now Private Investigator and is immediately attracted to Dani. He is also the owner of a BDSM club. He vows to keep Dani safe from the psychotic killer that seems to be targeting girls that look like Dani.

As Marc learns about Dani's abilities he must learn who on his team he can trust in keeping her safe when it is clear that the killer is getting closer and maybe more people are after her than he could have imagined.

I enjoyed this book! Dani was a young and vulnerable lady who needed protection and someone good to trust which she found in Marc. I was quite surprised at how she was willing to jump into a relationship with him but obviously she truly thought he cared for her.

It was interesting discovering more about her past and who was after her and why. There was definitely some mystery to if someone was playing both sides and why Dani was so important.

Marc was a pure alpha male yet he seemed to really care about Dani and want to provide for her the right way. There was nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe.

This was a great book and I'd definitely like to read more about this team.

4 Stars

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Pre-Order Blitz for Cocktails and Lies by Lynette Sofras



Lynette Sofras

Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie by Mark Nolan



Mark Nolan

My review of Reckless in Laguna by Barbara Ankrum

Becca Howard is a photographer and yacht salesperson who is dealing with finding out the night before that her fiance Steven Whaley is moving to Atlanta with his new girlfriend when she spots her first love Nio Reyes surfing. She hasn't heard from him in 10 years when he left her brokenhearted when he was gone without a word.

As Becca and Steven are both attending the same wedding they agree to pretend that their relationship is still a go in order not to create any drama but when Nio is also at the wedding, tensions arise and secrets are exposed.

Nio Reyes was the gardener's son and never good enough for Becca growing up, no matter how much he loved her. Still in love with her, he returns to Laguna Beach hoping to get a 2nd chance.

But for Nio and Becca there are years of secrets between them that seem to continue to now. As Becca comes to terms with everything from the past and the current she needs to decide if she is wanting real love or if the past is too difficult to get over.

I really enjoyed this novella as it was so engaging right from the beginning. I loved discovering all the secrets and how big they were! I felt so bad for Becca though as she never realized how much Nio truly loved her but how important his family was to him.

I really loved how Nio worked super hard to get to where he thought would be acceptable to Becca's parents although I was also very sad that he felt like he had to do it.

Such a great story!!

4.5 Stars

My review of One Night in Laguna by Melissa Keir

Melanie Whitman has just about had it with men after her ex Keith got someone else pregnant. Her friends are concerned about her so Laura signs her up with Master Draikoh San, a well known matchmaker with excellent results.

Cole Hayes was once on the reality show Laguna Beach and is now a single father to Rose, after his ex-wife couldn't handle motherhood and dealing with Rose's illness. Cole's brother Parker decides to take matters into his own hands and sends in Cole's information to Master Draikoh San.

When Cole and Melanie meet they hit it off and realize how similar they are. They bond but realize that they only have one night together before distance separates them. Yet when something happens that threatens to destroy their night together will they realize that they are meant to be or will they realize that they are better off as friends?

This was a great story on mending broken hearts in a way that is based on similarities and respect. Cole and Melanie both realize that the other is special and not in a way that was judged on preconceived notions due to who their parents were or being on TV.

Melanie was a wonderful character who was burned in love but it also showed her how much more she was worth. Her love of kids was so evident and her loyalty would be incredible! Cole was great and understandably so hesitant to get involved with anyone as a single father and former "celebrity". Together they were able to form an immediate friendship and really learn about each other.

I'm super curious about Master Draikoh San and how he seems to know everything!! I can't wait to read more about him!    

4 Stars

My review of Treasure in Laguna by Heather Hiestand

Crowe Erickson grew up treasure hunting on his dad's reality show but after one bad day he is seen as a failure. Yet he is not willing to give up on his own dream of having his own reality show based on treasure hunting and is after some sponsors and producers who will take a chance on him.

Jenny Croft was on Laguna Nights as a waitress at the local pizza place, which she now owns. Jenny does not give herself much credit and when she learns that Crowe had a crush on her TV persona she begins to distance herself, although she is very attracted to him.

As Crowe begins to reach out for help with his show will Jenny be willing to take a chance with Crowe or does she believe that he is attracted to the fake "TV" her and not the real her? Will she push him away afraid to know how he really feels?

This was a great story on taking chances on the future and moving away from "failures" of the past. Both Crowe and Jenny have issues in their past that are standing in their way of moving onto a future where they are happy. Crowe has to get over the ghosts from an episode on his dad's show and Jenny must get over feeling like she isn't funny or confident as Laguna Beach was scripted. As each of the come to terms with the past they can move forward.

Jenny is slowly able to trust in others and start believing in herself which was so great to see! I love that she was able to trust Taylor and give her more responsibility that afforded her the ability to chase her own dreams with Crowe.

I love that we are able to get the same main characters throughout all of these books and it is so much fun seeing all the different author's takes on the characters.

4 Stars

My review of Lucky in Laguna by Rachelle Ayala

Tally Tallahan is a dog walker who is looking for a break into the world of reality shows and will do whatever it takes to get a shot. She relies on friend, Laura Kincaid to let her in and what is happening in the reality world and there isn't a thing Tally won't do to get a shot at becoming famous.

Lucky Lenigan is a script writer in the world of reality shows and when he sees Tally buying a ticket with his lucky numbers he gets the courage to talk to her. When Tally realizes who Lucky is, she hopes she can use him to catch her lucky break.

Yet nothing prepares Tally for actually developing feelings for Lucky and how far is she willing to go to get her chance at stardom. Is she willing to push Lenny aside for two seconds of fame?

I enjoyed this book and getting to know Tally and Lucky. I must admit that I definitely liked Lucky more of the two as I felt he was so much more genuine in working on a relationship between them and had no idea that Tally was initially using him.

That being said I did like Tally and as the book went on I began to understand why she did the things that she did and knew how she felt inside about her actions.

I'd love to read more about these characters, especially Bella in the future!

4 Stars!

Laguna Beach Kindle Worlds #3

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My review of Dead Lawyers Don't Lie by Mark Nolan

Richard Caxton is a defense lawyer and the one that the rich people call when they need to get off from a crime they committed. Unfortunately this time his sins have caught up to him when he is murdered. Unfortunately for Jake Wolfe, a photojournalist, he witnesses the crime and is now sought after by the killer.

But Jake isn't that easy to kill and along with his best friend, Police Lieutenant Terrell Hayes, they seek to find the killer. Unfortunately this becomes larger than they could have imagined and more people are involved than they could ever imagined.

Will Jake and Terrell discover the identity of the Killer or will he get to Jake first? As the amount of lawyers killed increases they need to try and catch this killer!

This was a great book with so many twists and turns that I wasn't sure who was going to be involved next.

I really liked Jake and right from the drama with Gwen I knew he was a good guy and wanted him to succeed and live! His military background helped him survive the attempts on his life but life isn't all roses for him!

One small thing that bothered me was how quickly Ivan could get information and I seriously hope that the author exaggerated how fast people can obtain information on you. It really made me feel uneasy that things could be found out that fast, yet the police did not have the same Intel.

The choice of food selection by Chairman Banks made me gag through his meal descriptions and it made me wonder if the author himself has tried some of the foods!

This was a great cat and mouse game where you never knew who was involved and how large things could possibly get!!

4 Stars

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My review of True Love in Laguna by Lacey Wolfe

William Springs has come to Laguna for his cousin Amber's wedding and has no return date after losing his job when the company he was working for downsized. When he checks into the Mondrian Laguna Beach Hotel little does he know how much his life will change.

Harper Powell works at the Mondrian and is nursing her heart after dating a reality star named Bentley who dumps her on camera for the world to see. When she is asked out by William she is hesitant but agrees when she realizes how much fun they have.

As William and Harper get to know each other they begin to fall for each other but William is from the other coast and Harper is not keen on getting her heart broke again. It's also clear that someone is not willing to let Harper go and move on to someone new.

This was a great story on letting go of past hurts and allowing yourself to fall in love and realize what love truly is! I loved Harper and thought she was so much fun, yet understandably cautious. William was awesome and I loved how the two right away were able to open up with each other and have amazing conversations in which they shared their hopes and dreams.

I was expecting something to happen but what happened wasn't what I thought it was going to be!! I loved that I was surprised!

I'm looking forward to more from these characters!

4 Stars

My review of Lost in Laguna by K.N. Lee

Isla Maxwell is a rich girl from Laguna who wants to live her life away from her controlling parents. In high school she fell in love with Garrett Thorne, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who became a soldier and went missing in battle. Desperate to escape she falls for Clarke Mitchell another soldier who claimed he would not go back to active duty but when he does Isla leaves him and returns to Laguna.

Garrett Thorne wanted to make somehting of himself and stop being known as the convicts son when he enlists and is deployed to Afghanistan. After being injured and missing he learns that the love of his life has moved on.

When Garrett and Isla see each other will their love return? When Clarke decides he is not ready to let Isla go will she make a decision with the men in her life? Will the secrets that Garrett and Isla kept from each other make them stronger or push them apart?

This was a beautiful story on having a second chance when you thought the love was completely gone. I loved the free spirit of Isla and her independence that forced her away from her parents with their attitude towards Garrett. That being said I absolutely loved the support that Garrett received from Senator James Kinley.

Garrett went through so much and deserved so much happiness, yet he was reluctant to view himself as a hero and be recognized for it which showed something of his character. He is a very proud man and I hope he achieves his dreams.

4 Stars

My review of Last Night in Laguna by C.M. Albert

Bexley Rue is moving to New York and is spending her last night with her best friends Madison and Annie and their spouses. When Kai Donovan comes along with them, Bexley knows she may allow herself one night of fun as she is instantly attracted to him.

Kai Donovan is the opposite of Bexley. Where Bexley is a gypsy at heart, Kai seeks to settle down in one place. Yet despite their differences Kai knows he wants more than just one night with Bexley and as the night goes on, he realizes just how much he has instantly fallen for her.

But Bexley needs to go to New York to be with her sister, Vaughn, and it is unknown if their love survive the different coasts. But when Vaughn opens up about their childhood will Bexley let Kai in and allow them to have a future together?

This was a great book and the power of love between siblings and that instant attraction of finding the one you love. I had a lot of respect for Bexley and everything she was doing with Vaughn and was sad that she didn't find out things about her childhood until it was almost too late for her. She was such a good person but very scared of getting attached and settling down. She really didn't want any more loss in her life and I can't blame her.

Kai was amazing and I felt bad for him, especially in New York. The amount of stuff he was willing to do for Bexley was incredible and she's super lucky to have had him.

I'm glad that Bexley was able to discover what her heart wanted and needed and was able to do the right thing!

4 Stars

Laguna Beach Kindle World #2 by K.N. Lee, C.M. Albert & Lacey Wolfe

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My review of Seeking Love by J.M. Maurer

Jessica Winters was married to Jake when she finds out that he had an affair. She swore that she would never let anyone get close to her again so she never again had to go through that heartbreak again.

Matthew Moi requested Jessica to be Megan's nurse and Jessica thinks nothing of it and enjoys a golf date with him when she mistakenly overhears something. Thinking the worst Jessica leaves for Nashville to see her father.

When Jake turns up and asks Jessica to hear him out she must decide who she cares for and if she is willing to let Jake back in. When Jessica decides who she wants will another misinterpretation cause her to lose the one she wants?

This was a great book about moving on and getting closure. Jessica really had no trust in men after what happened with Jake and was very hesitant on letting Matthew in to only misinterpret his words which sent her off running. Yet we also learn that she did the same thing with Jake and learn what really happened with Jake and his other woman.

At the end of the book I was like "oh crap" and I can't wait to see where the next book starts up and how Jessica is dealing with someone else not hearing the whole story!

4 Stars

Emerging from Darkness Book 1 & 2 by J.M. Maurer

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My review of Weddings in Laguna by Cheryl Phipps

Zach Dorn is related to reality TV royalty but that doesn't mean he wants anything to do with it. He has opened his own wedding cruise business after completing time in Iraq as a soldier.

Blaine Carter is trying to start her life over after losing everything due to her ex-fiance Darren. Desperate to get her career as a wedding planner back to where it is she is trying to stay as far away from relationships as possible, not willing to be burned twice.

When Blaine comes to the rescue of a last minute disaster involving a wedding on Zach's boat, he realizes he may have misjudged his initial thoughts regarding her. Will Zach change his womanizing ways for someone like Blaine? Will Blaine realize that not all men are like Darren and give Zach a chance but will his own past jeopardize any chance with Blaine?

This was a great story about two people involved in making people's wedding dreams come true, yet they were both jaded by love themselves. Blaine had been burned so badly in the past in her relationship with Darren and I can completely understand her hesitancy to get involved in another relationship again. I can understand how it would be difficult for her to trust again. She was extremely good at her job and that would eventually get her the support she needs but she has a lot to do to prove herself in a new town.

Zach was once a ladies man and really had no desire to settle down but once meeting Blaine he knew that she was his dream come true. Yet as Zach just got his own business going he didn't want to lose anything or jeopardize what he was working hard to obtain. Yet at the time when he thought he was being the most helpful is when he destroys the trust with Blaine that he worked so hard to earn.

These are such great stories and I am loving the world of Laguna Beach!

4 Stars

My review of Laguna Beach: Sleepless in Laguna by Suzanne Rock

Kaylee Sharpe is an actress still trying to make it big after small parts. After having her heart broken in college she is extremely careful who she gives it too.

Mateo Salinas is a shock-jock on an indie radio station who is tiring of the parties and random women. He had a serious relationship back in college that left him trying to apologize and explain what happened after the truth came out about why their relationship started.

Nothing prepares Kaylee for seeing Mateo again yet she wants to leave the past behind her and give Mateo a taste of his own medicine. Yet the night they have together has huge consequences and both must decide what and if they are willing to give up for a chance to be with the other.

I really enjoyed this story and another look into Laguna Beach. I really liked Kaylee and how she was taking some risks yet really didn't want to experience the heartbreak that she had in college again. I loved the support she received from her best friend Chrissy and how she truly supported Kaylee.

I did like Mateo and thought that he really didn't want to be what his radio persona expected of him. I didn't really like Jagger as I thought as a friend he was very selfish and wanted Mateo there for him, even if he wasn't happy.

I thought the end was great and I think the future is looking very positive!!

4 Stars

Laguna Beach Kindle World by Suzanne Rock, Melanie Shawn & Cheryl Phipps

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My review of Cloaked in Fur by T.F. Walsh

Daciana is a wulfkin who is in love with Inspector Connell Lonescu, something that is punishable in her clan. When Daciana comes across a dracwulf she knows that her boyfriend and the rest of the police are going to inquire into the murders that the dracwulf is involved in.

Daciana must decide whether she can keep her "families" secrets or if she has to be honest with Connell and risk her own life. When it is clear that the dracwulf is targeting Daciana she must act quickly before she loses everything and everyone around her.

I really enjoyed this book and didn't know what to expect at the beginning but I was hooked very quickly. I loved how Daciana really wanted to figure out what she could do to be with Connell as she was afraid of what he would do once he found out the truth about her but as the story progressed his trust of her decreased as she couldn't provide him with any of the answers that he wanted.

I was blown away by the arrogance of Sandulf and how he really had no regard for any humans at all and all that he was risking just for his pride. He and Lutia were both evil and self-serving and very disappointing as alphas.

I really liked Radu and Botolf and how much compassion they had for Daciana and how they truly cared about her. I was unsure initially about Enre but I did like him as well as he really wanted to protect Daciana and I think he really did have feelings for her.

This was the first time I have read this author and it won't be my last.

4 Stars

Wulkin Legacy by T.F. Walsh

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My review of Ding Dong! Is She Dead? by Alathia Paris Morgan

Jennifer Smith witnesses 2 men trying to lift another man into the back of a car and the next thing she knows she has become Allie Foster and has moved to Texas to begin a new life. She begins work as a Nova Lady and when she goes to deliver products to her friend Megan she finds her life once again upside down.

Megan's husband, Mike, works for the Sheriff's department and has been physically abusing her. Allie vows to keep Megan and her daughter, Sally, safe and find her own life once again in danger. Will Allie learn who she can trust when they discover that someone is definitely helping Mike.

When the Greenley's help Allie, Megan and Sally will their lives be in danger as well? Will Justin Greenley be the savior Allie needs in her life?

I liked this book but I also found that there were some holes for me that took away from the story. I was surprised that there was only one mention of the Witness Protection Plan again and I thought it would have played more of a role. I was also surprised at the end that there was no mention of how Mike was getting help and I'm not sure if that comes into play in the next book or not. I'm hoping it does as that left me mad.

I liked Allie and how she was trying to be so helpful and caring with Megan and Sally. I was very surprised that she trusted Justin as much as she did right away knowing that Mike has someone helping him.

Megan and Sally were trying to get themselves together and I was super proud of Sally at the end of the book with her actions. I'm glad she had the courage to do what was right!

The Greenley's were awesome and I absolutely loved GG! She was definitely a force to be reckoned with!

I hope book 2 ties up the ends that were missing at the end of this one!

3 Stars

Nova Ladies Adventures by Alathia Paris Morgan

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My review of A Journey Home by Angela Scavone

Air Force Captain Stephanie Tyler has one of the most difficult jobs - to escort fallen soldiers home from wherever they are posted back to American soil. She took the job to escape her past failed marriage to her cheating husband with her best friend.

But unfortunately for Stephanie her job has become extremely dangerous lately and she is assigned partner. Even more unfortunate is that her new partner is her cheating ex-husband, Captain Douglas "DA" Aston. Yet as he proclaims his innocence Stephanie must discover the truth in her own and must decide if she can forgive and move on.

This was the first time I have read a book by this author and it certainly will not be my last. I learned so much in this book about the respect for the soldiers who have died in combat and what respect they are shown while being transported.

I thought the character of Stephanie was great but I can't believe she went so off the map not to at least listen to what DA had to say. Yet I liked how he really tried to get back on her good side and work everything out.

In the end it's all about forgiveness and realizing that not everything is as it seems.

4 Stars

A Journey Home by Angela Scavone

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Cover Reveal for Shadow by Marie James

Title: Shadow
Series: Cerberus MC #3
Author: Marie James
Genre: Contemporary Romance / MC
Cover Designer: Kari Ayasha
Cover Model: Travis DesLaurier
Release Date: August 3, 2016


Morrison “Shadow” Griggs, VP of the Cerberus MC, is a force to be reckoned with. Women fall at his feet, willing to do almost anything for a night with him.

Misty Bowen is the exception. She’s young and impressionable, but with her religious upbringing, she’s able to resist Shadow’s advances… for a while at least.

Never one to look back on past conquests, Shadow is surprised that he’s intrigued by Misty, which only grows more when she seems to be done with him without a word.

Being ghosted by a twenty-one-year-old is not the norm where he’s concerned, and the rejection doesn’t sit right with him.

Life goes on, however, until Misty shows up on the doorstep of the Cerberus MC clubhouse with a surprise that rocks his entire world off of its axis.

With only the clothes on her back and the consequences of her lies and deceit, Misty needs help now more than she ever has. Alone in the world and desperate for help, she turns to the one man she thought she’d never see again.

Shadow would never turn his back on a woman in need, but his inability to forgive has always been his main character flaw. Unintended circumstances have cast Misty into his life, but will he have the ability to keep his distance when her situation necessitates a closeness he’s never dreamed of having with a woman?


“Fancy seeing you here, Darlin’,” I whisper into the neck of the familiar female.

I see her smile, turning her head slightly toward mine.

“Shadow,” she says softly as if she’s seen me prior to now and was waiting for me to come to her.

“Let’s dance,” I say grabbing her hand and walking her out to the small dance floor.

I met Misty Bowen months ago when several of the Cerberus MC members traveled to Denver with Kincaid, our president, to help find his cousin’s abducted girlfriend. She was working in the front office of the school Josie worked at and was abducted from. Being there was routine for me, part of my job was to canvas the area and see if anyone had seen anything unusual leading up to the kidnapping.

What wasn’t routine was my heart skipping a beat and my cock thickening in my jeans at the sight of the young, dark-haired beauty answering calls at the front desk of the elementary school. Not one to deny myself, I pursued her relentlessly in my down time in Denver, finally catching her a few days before the mission ended in finding Josie alive, tied up in a closet in a meth den. It was actually Misty who called and gave me the heads up that a little girl came and reported her parents for keeping a woman tied up in their house.

She was the consummate, attentive lover, keen on any suggestion I made. We’re back in Denver for Josie and Kaleb’s wedding. I’m slow dancing with the girl I never thought I’d see again. To be honest, I’m an asshole, and I haven’t given her much thought since the last time I climbed out of the hotel bed, leaving her asleep without so much as a kiss on the cheek.

Seeing her now with her dark hair pulled up high on her head, leaves me with a little bit of regret, wondering if I shouldn’t have handled things differently. She’s gorgeous in her conservative, black dress as we sway to the music. I came to this wedding with every intention of finding a chick to take back to my room, but I also never considered that Misty would be here. It’s perfect actually because I know she’ll be willing to accompany me without much of a fight. This gives me more time with her body than if I had to woo some other chick tonight.

“I guess I should have expected you to be here,” I say into her hair as I lead her around the dance floor. “I know you and Josie are friends.”

She nods. “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I didn’t think the rescuing bikers would come back though.”

“We always show up for family,” I say in explanation.

The song fades from one song to another more upbeat song, one I wouldn’t be caught dead dancing to. “I’m gonna grab drink, Darlin’. I know you’re not old enough, but you want a water? Coke maybe?”

She grins mischievously. “I’ll have a martini.” I cock an eyebrow at her. “I turned twenty-one last month.”

“Martini it is,” I say wrapping my arm around her waist as we make our way to the bar.

We drink. We dance. We stumble to my room in the hotel a few hours later.

Through the haze of alcohol, I clumsily remove her clothes, licking, kissing, and sucking every inch of her body that comes close to my mouth. She does the same.

She was shy and reserved the first time I managed to get her under me, but in a matter of days I managed to turn her into the minx she is now pawing at my clothes.

“Fuck,” I groan when she bites my nipple just a little too hard.
I pick her up and toss her on the bed, undressing myself to avoid further injury to either one of us. I grab the condom from my wallet before shucking off my slacks. I’m sure I pop a button off my white shirt in my haste to get it off my body.
I stare over at her, legs spread wide, hands groping at her full breasts.

“Damn, Darlin’,” I say walking to the bed and tearing at the condom wrapper with my teeth. “Don’t get started without me.”

I crawl between her legs. The shift in the mattress causes me to lose my balance. I fall to my side, but right myself quickly. I pick up the rubber that bounced out of my hand and begin rolling it down my throbbing cock, watching Misty’s face. Her eyes are hooded, and looking down to the apex of her thighs I can see her arousal glistening in the low light of the room.

“Goddamn it,” I spit when the thin latex tears in my fingers.

“What’s wrong?” she purrs.

I rip the ruined condom off my cock and sit back on my heels, hands on my thighs. “That was my only fucking condom.”
She shakes her head. “I’m on the pill,” she pants reaching for my dick, stroking it in long firm pulls. “I haven’t been with anyone since you.”

I pull her hand off me, but rather than tell her that’s not going to happen, the bourbon changes my mind. I spread her legs and line my bare cock against her entrance.

“Yes,” she begs.

I thrust into her in one stroke, loving the way she encapsulates me. Hot, tight, perfect pussy quivers along my length as I lean over her. Slanting my mouth slightly, I kiss her sloppily. She doesn’t seem to mind and gives just as good as she gets.

I feel her legs wrap around my hips, and I plunge even deeper. I can feel her breasts shifting and moving from the pounding, relentless drives of my hips.

Her whimper is the first sign of her impending orgasm, so I grind my hips, rotating my body against her clit. Nails dig deep into my back as she clenches around me. I swallow her cries of ecstasy and give her mine as I explode inside of her.
“Fuck, Misty.” I kiss her again. “This pussy is going to be the death of me.”

She nips at my chin as I pull out of her and flop on my back. My breathing is erratic, and I hate the way the cold air hits my dick so soon after leaving the warmth of her body. I hear my cell phone chime a text. Looking at the bedside table, I see that it’s after two in the morning. Only important shit hits my phone this late.

I reach into the pocket of my slacks and pull my phone out.

Kincaid: Wrench is in town. Get your ass over here.

Kincaid and Emmalyn are staying at Kaleb and Josie’s tonight, and he has a pretty good sixth sense about shit like this, so I know he’s not just being overprotective over his girl.
I climb out of the bed and begin pulling my clothes back on. Once dressed, I lean over Misty who still has a sated smile on her face.

“I have to go, Darlin’.”

Her smile falters slightly before she tugs her lips back up. I lean in and take her dark nipple into my mouth, sucking it to a hardened peak. I mentioned I’m an asshole right? I need to make sure that she’s down to meet up again should I find my way back to Denver anytime soon.

I kiss her long and hard before walking out of the room to make sure my club president and his woman are safe.


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Marie James: I’m a full-time, working mother of two boys and wife of 11 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. My passions include reading everything under the sun and plotting out new books to write in the future.

Kincaid is my 7th book. I’ve also written the Hale Series, Love ME Like That, and a FanFiction named Psychosis, featuring up and coming cover model, Matthew Hosea, as the main character. This book was done for fun and all of the proceeds are going to charity. All of my books are currently available on Amazon.