Thursday, March 26, 2020

My review of Fastest Girl in Town by Rebecca Sharp

Daniela Lambert is a NASCAR driver for Talagetti Racing but is leaving at the end of the season to start her own racing team with only women. She pushes the limit with her driving on and off the track and her speeding soon introduces her to Sheriff Brandon Stark who won’t let her out of a ticket.

Yet Dani soon finds herself being shot at when she arrives at the track and although certain members of the police believe she was in the wring place at the wrong time, Dani believes someone was trying to kill her.

Will Sheriff Stark help Dani find out the truth or will Dani’s reckless behavior put them both in danger?

This was such an awesome book and I loved it from beginning to end!

I loved Dani and how she tried to get out of a speeding ticket and how many she had already accumulated during the year! I felt horrible for her when her brand new car was shot up and how mad she was over that! Then the next scene with the Sheriff’s car was just so awesome!

Sheriff Brandon Stark was a wonderful character as he starts off so completely law-abiding but after meeting Dani he realizes she may be talking the truth but he needs to do everything on his own time because of the issues and jurisdictions because of the big Nascar race!

There was so much chemistry between Dani and Brandon and I thought my kindle may blow up in my hands! I loved that Dani just couldn’t listen to instructions and Brandon was constantly chasing after her to keep her safe! I was so happy when things progressed between Brandon and Dani, especially when she realized everything he had done for her!

At a certain point I had my guess on who was behind everything and I was pleasantly surprised to see I was partly right! If you’ve read to the end you will probably know where I was surprised!

I loved how everything came together when both Brandon and Dani figured it all out! They were definitely lucky on how everything ended but just when I thought we had it all figured out we had a bit of a twist!

The very end was so awesome and I did a happy dance for sure!!

The epilogue was totally great and I loved that Dani achieved what she set out to do!

5 Stars

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