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My review of Force of Nature by S.L. Scott

Bennett Everest is on a mission in order to secure contract. It sounds easy - go to Paris and bring home a woman to her father back in the US. Yet once he meets the  mysterious Winter Nobleman he realizes that there is much more to her than meets the eye.

Winter Nobleman did everything that was expected of her to work at her father's company yet it wasn't enough for him so she took another job and hoped to be able to prove herself to her dad once again. Only it completely worked against her and now she finds herself in Paris living in somewhat of a nightmare that is not evident to anyone except herself.

Bennett believes he can bring Winter home to her father but soon realizes it is more complex than he ever could have imagined. Is Winter a pawn in a game that her father is playing and will Bennett allow himself to be drawn in?

This is such a great read and an amazing series!! I need to find myself an Everest boy as they are all absolutely amazing!!

Bennett headed to Paris on what he thought was a simple task - collect Winter and then go home but nothing really prepared him for Winter. Yet when Bennett makes a little mistake he is at risk to lose Winter until he can prove his intentions.

I liked Winter a lot and soon I realized she was in her own trouble with what happened with Kurt. I crossed my fingers that Winter could rise above everything and realize she was in a better place with Bennett but for awhile it really didn't look good!

I loved when things were slowly revealed and you got to see a much larger picture with everything that was going on and I was freaking out so bad once we got to see certain things.

I was definitely worried when Winter went to get her mom's things as I had a feeling things would not be good and I was shocked at how everything went from there. I was so proud of Chelsea for helping Winter and how she realized that she wasn't as bad as at what she was perceived to be initially.

The chemistry between Winter and Bennett was through the roof and I had my fingers crossed so many times that things would work out.

I loved the end with the link between Winter and her mom and everything that happened!! It was so awesome!!

I truly hope this is not the end as I need more in this series!! 

5 Stars

Force of Nature by S.L. Scott





"This book is for true lovers of romance! A unique, strong, feisty heroine. And the hero! Gah! He's an alpha hero that you will fall head-over-heels for.”

~Adriana Locke, USA Today and Washington Post





Winter Nobleman is complicated. To say the least.

It was supposed to be simple. Go to Paris, find a client’s daughter, and close a multi-million-dollar deal. Easy. Then I meet her. Stormy blue eyes, quick wit, and the secrets she keeps on the tip of her tongue make me forget my mission for a moment, or six, and why I’m in Paris in the first place—to bring her home.

Distracted by her beauty, I fail to notice the others lurking with missions of their own.

Bennett Everest is the twist I never saw coming. Talk about perfect timing.

He steals my breath the first time I see him and breathes hope back into my heart. He’s a giant in my eyes, a king among men with patience and love to share in spades. Six foot three. Whiskey-colored eyes. Solid gold on the inside.

Despite the dirty deeds of my past, he sees the person I am meant to be and not the person I have become.

If the lies don’t kill us, will the truth set us free?


“Absolutely Best Romantic Suspense of 2019!” - Lulu, FB/GR

“Bennett is so so sexy and romantic. He’s THE best book boyfriend.” -Barbara, Goodreads

“With stellar writing and the kind of plot that you instantly connect with, Force of Nature was everything I love in a story and more.” -LitlJen, Goodreads






Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She's obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she's a pro.












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Mr. Huntley's Wife Release Blitz & Giveaway with USA Today Bestselling author, M.C. Cerny

Title: Mr. Huntley’s Wife
Author: M.C. Cerny
Genre: Dark Romance/Suspense
Editor: Amy Jackson
Cover Designer: Anna Crosswell from Book Cover Couture
Photographer: Lindee Robinson
Publication Date: March 27th, 2019
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Scars. Tattoos. Distractions.
Adam Huntley is not who he seems.
Scorned. Forgotten. Vengeance.
Elizabeth Huntley is finally learning what it takes to survive.
A web of lies and sex tie them together until the fragile threads begin to fray and unravel.
The man Elizabeth thought she knew returns asking for her forgiveness. But little does he know, she has plans to be rid of him for good.
Sometimes, happily ever after is in the eye of the beholder.
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M.C. Cerny is a USA Today Bestselling author. She fell in love with books after experiencing her first real ugly cry reading, Where The Red Fern Grows. Her debut romantic suspense novel, Flashpoint was written in a series of post-it-note ramblings that would likely make her idol Tom Clancy and her mother blush. She is a post graduate of NYU, and calls rural NJ home with her menagerie of human and feline fur-babies. When M.C. is not writing, you’ll find her lurking in Starbucks, running stupid marathons, singing Disney show tunes, and searching out the perfect shade of pink nail polish.
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“I’m going outside to the pool.” Tying the strings of my black bikini in front of the mirror I adjusted my top carefully covering each breast. The small scraps of fabric are indecent, but I didn’t pick this bathing suit out so there’s not much I can do.
“Wait.” My hands freeze about to loop and knot the string behind my neck when Adam comes out of the bathroom. He’s wearing black swim shorts. Not speedos so you can’t see his monster cock pressed against spandex indecently and not the long cargo shorts most guys would wear. These were designer and some mix of the two accentuating the fact that his abs were sculpted from marble and his body a force of nature to be reckoned with.
“I want to read my book.” I pouted looking for my kindle and my hat searching through the suite. Adam disorientated me on a good day trying to accomplish one task to the next let alone trapped on an island. I needed the next hour to plot my safety plan because this sure as hell hadn’t felt like a vacation from the moment we stepped off the plane.
“Just wait my impatient little wife.” Scowling I rolled my eyes. He always had some ulterior motive.
“Take your top off.” He stood behind me rubbing his body against me taunting me with his thick monster.
“Don’t be a brat.”
“I’m not taking it off.” If he thought this was some kinky make up shit for the night before I’m not into it. My body may be buzzing but I’m ready to rake my nails down his face and attack him if he pushes me. I already know his consequences are shit anyway.
“I won’t ask again.” Short of stomping my foot and pissing him off, compliance seemed the lesser of two evils. His arms snake around me squeezing tight. Barefoot I’m rooted to the spot. There’s no place he won’t catch me inside the suite. Slowly, watching me in the mirror his hand reached up and fingers clasped around my throat pulling my body and my head flush against him.
“O-okay.” Shaking hands reached up tugging on the knot pulling the string praying it wouldn’t catch setting off his mercurial temper. I forced the tangled fabric to unlock from its hold. Once the string released I looked up and Adam’s eyes firmly locked on mine, his chin resting on my shoulder and focused on my face. His impatience was clear in the reflection and the knot in his brow.
I felt my small breasts sink and bob down when the top fell off sliding on to the tiled floor. Pink nipples pebbled at attention hungry and sharp. My stomach hollowed out as my core clenched tight. I was battening down the hatches, the only problem was how turned on that single motion made me. Fucking hopeless, that’s what I was.
“Not so bad now was it.” Keeping his eyes locked on me, one of Adam’s palms skimmed my stomach lightly and reached up to cup me. Easily, I filled his large hand and his finger grazed over the distended tip of my nipple. I bit my lip to keep the moan hidden and down low where my shame wouldn’t surface letting this man repeatedly get under my skin. Skin was superficial, it was my heart craving love and grasping at scraps I had to protect.
“Let me go, please.” I’d beg him if I had to, but his brow furrowed deeper when he reached for a tube of sunscreen on the table. One hand, nearly a paw rested over my belly and my hands gripped the table’s gilded edge for support.
“I can’t have you getting burned while I’m in my meeting.” His breath felt like hot puffs of air in the chilled room. Adam squeezed more sunblock than necessary into his palm and placed the cool glop on my belly. My breasts felt like spikes exposed while my chest heaved with forced air from the air conditioning of the room. Adam smeared the stuff over my body coating me in a thick cream the both looked and felt obscene in the mirror.
“You will always belong to me.” His fingers scraped my skin carving letters in the sticky sunblock.
Adam wasn’t exactly subtle.

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Daddy’s Rules, by Kara Kelley

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Hashtags: disciplinarian #spanking #sexyread #eroticromance #hollywooddom #daddydom #ddlg  


Live within a modest budget for a year or lose everything.

The terms of my movie-star father’s will are ridiculous, but worse than that, they hurt. I already knew he didn’t love me, but now, thanks to two vengeful paparazzi that follow me everywhere, the world knows it too.

I can’t let everything go to my cheating step-mother and I can’t let the world watch me flounder and fail.  So I hire a professional disciplinarian. But the more time I spend with him, the more I ache for his touch and crave his dominance.

Now I’m at risk for more than just losing my inheritance, I could lose my heart as well.

Excerpt one:

“God, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, baby.”

I flash him a smile, but turn to look at myself again critically. He’s picked out a curve-hugging dress I feel anything but comfortable in, but the look on his face tells me I must look hot.

“Daddy, are you sure I can’t go out in jeans?” I bite my lip and tug the bottom of the dress lower.
“It’s tight… uh… and short!”

“Trust me.” He draws in a breath and shakes his head. He looks as if he’s having trouble staying where he is on the chair outside the fitting rooms. I lick my lips, at first shyly, unsure, but then slower, seductively. His eyes shoot to mine and narrow.

“What are you up to, little girl?” He rises slowly, his shirt tightening across his broad muscled chest.

“Nothing, Daddy,” I say coyly. I suck in my bottom lip and look through my lashes at him innocently. “Would you unzip me?”

Owen swallows and shakes a finger at me. “Playing with fire, honey.”

I crook my finger at him, then lean back against the doorway and kick the heels I’m wearing off. He rolls his neck, looks around, and tsks me.

“Come on, I need a little help outta this dress.” I turn and lift my long hair up off my neck.
He’s at my back, his hard body pressed against mine, within seconds.

“Mm, Daddy, you’re hard.”

He chuckles, but then his mouth is on my neck as he shoves me into the change room and pulls the door shut. The feel of his hot wet tongue on me makes my knees weak and the sound of the lock makes my belly dip.

He grabs my wrists and places my hands against the wall. “Stay,” he demands against my nape. His strong hands smack against my thighs and slide up, dragging the red material up to my waist. He clutches my hips and yanks my ass out.

“How’s it going, Miss Donahue?” the saleslady asks and before I can even think about answering, Owen covers my mouth with his hand.

“We’re having a little trouble with the zipper. It’s caught. Do you think you could find a bar of soap?” Owen says as he pulls my panties down, holding my mouth tighter.

The saleslady quickly offers to find some and before she’s even gone, Owen slips his fingers inside me, whispering what a naughty little girl I am.

“You’re soaked.”

He releases my mouth and continued stroking his fingers inside me. “One sound, baby and Daddy’s gonna have to spank you when we get home. Understand?”

I nod, swallowing a moan. He stops suddenly and spins me to face him. His hands grip my thighs and he lifts me up. Setting me to stand on the little corner seat of the change room, he grabs my right leg and puts it over his shoulder.

“Owen!” I whisper in shock; he only pinches my thigh, making me squeal. “Ow!”

“Hush, baby, Daddy’s busy.”

His mouth goes to my pussy and my head falls back against the wall, my eyelids squeezing tightly closed. My arousal drips down my legs as he sucks my clit. Fuck! I’m dizzy with pleasure and it only heightens as he shoves a finger inside me again and pumps. I want to scream. My fingers drive through his hair and yank as my hips roll. His tongue flicks rhythmically against my bud as he adds a finger inside me and thrusts faster.

“Oh, God!” I call out in a loud whisper.

“You’re getting spanked for that, baby,” he says against me as I explode.

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About Kara Kelley:

Kara Kelley is a USA Today bestselling author and a naughty Canuck (that’s a Canadian for those of you that don’t know), who loves spanks, a little bondage, tantalizing creative sex (trust me, honey this sh*t is gonna rock our world) and TIM HORTON’S. She’s full of playful mischief, loyalty and maybe some stubbornness, but she’ll never admit it. And she believes living in a secluded cabin in the woods (including good WIFI, a stocked Kindle, and plenty of chocolate) with her husband would be absolute bliss.

How to find Kara:

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Dawn to Dark Anthology

Title: Dawn to Dark Anthology
Authors: Various
Publisher: Vixen Publishing
Genre: Fairytale Retellings
Release Date: March 30, 2019


Vixen Publishing Presents: "Dawn to Dark"

I'm sure you've heard the tales, we all have, but you’ve never heard them quite like this…

Seven authors bring your seven nail-biting stories. From a dark and twisted Rapunzel to a modern retelling of Cinderella, these authors will have you enthralled and howling for more.

Halston James retells Beauty and the Beast with a twist. “Out of the Woods” has a touch of urban fantasy and a healthy dose of paranormal romance that’ll have you turning the pages, ravenous for more.

Sonya Jesus will capture you with her dark contemporary retelling of the Little Mermaid in "Part of His World." Follow Ari as she defies her father’s strict rules to be part of Derrick’s life.

Suzan Lee has re-written a Grimm brothers classic, Snow White and Rose Red in her young adult, contemporary "Witching Woods." With magic and malevolence strolling hand in hand, you'll be left guessing right until the end.

Kelsie Rae is best known for her sweet contemporary romances, and her version of Aladdin is no different. “The Hack”is a modern twist on a Disney favorite. One girl who prays for freedom. One man who craves a different life. One hacker with the power to change their stars. Three wishes. No turning back.

Take a step on the seductive side with Angharad Thompson Ree's gothic horror retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. A paranormal romance meets psychological thriller, “Moon Bitten" is a story that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

K.Z. Riley has written "Arabella", a beautiful young adult love story where you're more likely to find soccer boots than glass slippers. Follow Arabella on her journey of finding herself, discovering love and overcoming fear.

If you think you know the story of Rapunzel, think again. Courtney Shockey’s twisted tale is about a queen who looks far more innocent than she actually is. Bring her silk or priceless gifts, and she’ll seal your fate with a sweet, gentle kiss.

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99c for a VERY limited time!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


“Moon Bitten” by Angharad Thompson Rees

I pull the hood of my red cape over my head, concealing myself against the gust of frigid winds biting with ice and spite. The skies hold the promise of more snow to come. He does not let go of my hand. And it’s not the snow concerning him.
“Blaxton,” I say—his name as sweet as honey on my recently-kissed lips. “Do not concern yourself. It is but a short walk through the woods, and yes, I promise to stay on the tracks.”
I raise an eyebrow, threatening him to contradict me. But he should know my penchant for wandering and losing myself. That’s how we met—deep within the woods in the first days of spring, when frost thawed atop the lake and his green eyes melted ice from my nervous heart.
He pulls me into his chest, his body warm against my own, tempting me to stay. Tempting me to never leave. I melt into him, lips hot as the first flakes of snow dance from the sky.
“Blaxton, no,” I say, pulling myself away with reluctance. The space between his heart and mine gapes as if the very universe could fill the hole. “I have to get back to Grandma, you know I do.”
His face drops at her mention. Grandma despises him despite his soft features, warm honey eyes and sweet, crooked smile. Though I suspect her hatred is aimed more at the threat he will steal me from her. Just as her daughter, my mother, was stolen so many years ago I can no longer picture her face. But that was different. Mother did not fall in love as I have. She was taken…
By wolves.
A perfectly timed howl echoes across the valley, carried along the land muted by snow. Blaxton raises his own eyebrow at the beast’s call and I laugh. An empty tin-like sound of hollow mirth and creeping fear.
“I’ll be fine. Tomorrow,” I say, allowing a smile to creep across my frost-numb face. “Let’s meet tomorrow, same time and place.”
Blaxton captures loose strands of my red hair in his pale fingers. The contrast startling like blood on snow. Tucking the strands behind my left ear, his fingers trail my cheek as he kisses my forehead. “Tomorrow,” he promises.

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