Monday, March 23, 2020

My review of Catch Twenty-Two by Marie James

Frances "Frankie" Young is not happy that her parents have shipped her off to her grandma's ranch for the summer, especially when her best friend Piper is going through so much at home. At the ranch Frankie meets, Zeke, the handsome boy who works on the farm with his dad but his attitude is giving Frankie whiplash.

Ezekiel "Zeke" Benson and his dad work for Frankie's grandma since they lost their own ranch and now Zeke's dad has fallen ill and all of the responsibility has been passed to him. Before he even meets Frankie he knows he hates her and everything she stands for.

When Zeke actually meets Frankie he is torn between his attraction to her and the hatred he believes he needs to direct towards her. But when night when he is at his lowest point he gives into his feelings for her but in the morning will everything be ok?

This is another great book in this series and I am loving it!

I really liked Frankie from first meeting her in book one and I knew how loyal she was as a friend to Piper. I also felt bad for Piper as her parents did really seem to be there for her at all and they just shipped her off so they could continue with their own lives/work. She really didn't want to go to her grandma's but did the best she could when she was there. She tried to get along with Zeke but hated the way he treated her but soon found a great friend in Rowdy.

Zeke was such a jerk and every time I thought he could be getting nicer he would do something to set everything back and I was getting so mad at him! I understood why he was so angry at the world but his hate towards Frankie wasn't warranted. I was happy when Zeke finally sat down with his dad and was able to reach a sense of peace about everything but by then it was almost too late.

The stuff that happened initially at Westover Prep made me so angry and if I could have strangled Zeke through the book I really would have!! I was so mad at how he was striking out at Frankie again when she was innocent through everything.

I was kind of anticipating the little twist and I was not disappointed in how everything totally exploded!! I loved when Dalton got involved in sticking up for Frankie!

My heart broke for Frankie when it came to her journal and I was so mad at the cruelty that people directed towards her. I was so happy that Zeke finally confessed everything and smartened up!

I was sad at how Frankie's parents were after but I was really happy that she had Zeke and his mom to rely on and be there for her!

5 Stars

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