Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My review of The Model by Harlow Layne

Lexie Keene is a very successful photographer and is trying to train her new assistant Raine after catching her last assistant having sex with her now ex-boyfriend, Ben. She has photographed many good looking people yet nothing prepares her for Ryder Williams or his voice that has her melting the moment he speaks.

Yet in a moment after the shoot the two can't deny their chemistry and act on it but are interrupted.

Now Lexie is trying to move on but when she sees Ryder again will she allow herself to once again give in or will their respective age differences and their differences in where their careers are halt anything before it starts again?

This was an awesome book and I loved it from start to finish! The author sucked me in from the very first page and I didn't want to put the book down when it ended!

I thought Lexie was a great character and I loved that she really didn't view herself in some golden light. She was shocked that Ryder was attracted to her and I loved the chemistry that the two of them had right from the beginning.

Ryder was just sizzling hotness and I loved how kind he was right from the beginning and respectful of Lexie yet he wanted her to know how much he really wanted her. I liked that he was prepared to work hard to obtain what he wanted and I loved how receptive he was to Lexie's advice for his career and realized that his agent may not have his best interests at heart.

I was worried when the author introduced us to Ben as it was clear he was after something that he knew Lexie had and I was worried about how often and when he would appear. I was happy that Ben brought Lexie back to Ryder and perhaps pushed them together unexpectedly but I knew Ben wouldn't go easy.

I was so happy for Lexie and Ryder in Rio and I hoped that they would be able to figure things out with the distance. I wasn't surprised at who got involved to throw everything up in the air and how everything fell apart.

I loved everything in Vegas and I am seriously loving Raine and how loyal she is to Lexie!!

I knew something big was coming and towards the end of the book more stuff blew up and I was freaking out a little! It broke my heart that Ryder felt so guilty!

The epilogue was awesome and I really hope we can see these two in another book!

5 Stars

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