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My review of Anywhere The Sun Shines

What a great set of short stories!!

Sunday Hill by Alisa Mullen

Kelinda Milliken attends Harbor Academy in Wells, Maine and is known as a nerd with no friends. Her mother, Anne, is one of the most popular painters and controls Kelinda's life. But an outing with friend and snowboarder Sadie Conway changes that.

Rory McCary is a snowboarder as well and is instantly attracted to Kelinda and the two begin a secret relationship.

When Anne finds out will she try to put a stop to it or will the love of Kelinda and Rory survive the ultimate betrayal?

This book made me both happy and sad although the end made me devastated! I loved the young love and Kelinda finally being able to do something that made her happy and that was be with Rory. 

A Beltane Gift by Holly Barbo

This was a story that took us to the past, the Vikings, through an enchanted archaeological dig and the love that Leda had with her husband.

Mari is working on the dig in Scotland but little does she know how connected she is to the site. Yet, it appears that someone is sabotaging her site and with the help of her friends and her link to the past they are able to uncover the mystery.

I really enjoyed the links to the past and how they came to Mari. Although she wasn't sure if what she saw was real it was done very well and I enjoyed how everything linked up together.

Summer Angel by Samantha Jacobey

Wow! This book is such a departure from what Samantha usually writes and it was well worth the wait!

Charlie Phillips is about to go reluctantly on summer vacation with his parents but all of a sudden nothing makes sense to him anymore when he meets Clarisse.

Clarisse must prove to Charlie that she is real and needs his help but is not yet sure of Charlie's real purpose!

A real page turner and it leaves you wanting the second book in a hurry!!

Road Talk - Life and Love in Alaska by Cherime MacFarlane

Molly B and friends Angel and James have been together through a lot of difficult situations growing up. Now that Molly has become a widow at an early age she has no desire of finding anyone else to take the place of her beloved Davis Lee.

Needing to help out James, Molly heads out with Lou to do an engine swap for a plane that has come down. It is a long road and Molly discovers that Lou knew Davis Lee. There begins a friendship and when Lou tells Molly that she "will never find another Davis Lee so she needs to rethink her criteria", she realizes he may be right.

Will Molly allow herself another chance at love?

Enchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett 

Roxanne Ferris takes a job as the caretaker for Claudette Grayson, the best selling author of classic fiction who is 93 years old and doesn't appear to have long to live. Roxanne's friend Renee has given her this chance as she knows how she is struggling to get through her past.

Roxanne is trying to escape her past and move on from it but the guilt hangs over her keeping her from being happy. Claudette recognizes Roxanne as an old-soul and asks her to help her with one last story and top-secret project on the love story of Phillip and Margaret. 

Yet, Roxanne discovers how the story fits into Claudette's own life and when Roxanne begins to see and hear things she will do all she can to help Claudette discover the truth before she passes away.

This book brought me to tears so many times as a mother. I can't imagine the pain that Roxanne must feel and it tore at me. Towards the end of the book there was a scene that just did me in and I was so happy that Roxanne was given a chance at finding a sense of happiness and closure. 

Waiting a Lifetime by Michele E. Gwynn

Wow - this one is a heartbreaker!

Wade Walker felt like he had his life all in order with girlfriend Arlene but that is until he sees Melissa Ryan, his friend Jed's little sister. When he discovers his relationship with Arlene was not all he thought it was he pursues Melissa and the two begin an intense relationship.

Melissa Ryan has always been attracted to Wade but after being in a car accident 10 years ago that has left her using crutches she keeps to herself. But after getting to know Wade she realizes she wants to be with him.

Then one stormy night, Wade's past comes back and Melissa leaves and it's soon to late for Wade. 

This book brought me to tears and just absolutely broke my heart. The ending made me happy but it was such a tough road! 

Unchained Melody by R.E. Hargrave

Lieutenant Marshall Chandler, a pilot in the Air Force, is flying out for Afghanistan the next day and wants one more night with a beautiful woman, and meets Lieutenant Melody Carmichael, an emergency nurse with aspirations of becoming a doctor. 

Over the next six years Marshall drinks his way through many women trying to get Melody out of his head. Then a forced job makes Marshall reevaluate his life.

Will Marshall try and find Melody after all this time? Then in an instant everything can be gone for Marshall and he may not have that chance after all.

This book is all about true love and how it can happen instantly and make you never forget that one.

Sunset and New Beginnings by Teri Riggs

Life has just taken a turn for the worse for Mandi Waters after she catches her fiance Ted Lansing and best friend Christy having sex on her bed. Then she finds out that he has also been stealing all her money. Broke and heartbroken Mandi heads to her aunt Abigail's place at Heaven's Beach, South Carolina.

There she plans on putting her life back in order but then she meets the handsome Josh Foster and she knows her heart may soon be broken again.

Josh Foster has had his own heart broken in the past, and has his own troubles, namely his mother June Freestone who is after Abigail's beachfront property. June will do anything to get that property, even if it means sabotaging Josh's new relationship with Mandi. 

Will Mandi and Josh find their happy ever after or will June win?

I loved Mandi and everything she had to overcome with Tad in learning to trust again and then follow her passion with painting. Josh is amazing and I loved how he really put his happiness first and didn't put up with his terrible mother! 

The Hipster Dude, The Gamer Girl and the BOMB by Jayne Hyatt

Neil is in the Denver Public Library when alarms start going off to vacate the building. Outside he meets Evie, and the two begin to talk.

Yet, unknowingly the two each carry bags and are dressed similarly and soon come to the attention of the authorities.

Are the two guilty or will this experience bring two unlikely people together and the start of a new friendship?

Anywhere the Sun Shines

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blindsight by Adriane Leigh


Erin Warner is a copy-writer and editor who is meeting a potential client when she bumps into the mysterious Hunter Ellis. Hunter offers Erin a job on the spot as his Personal Assistant as he is a photographer.

As Erin gets closer to Hunter she learns he is holding secrets close to him and she is captivated by him, yet knows everything is not as it seems. There are secrets and links that lead you to believe the worst is coming.

Then it leaves you with a total OMG moment!

This is definitely a book for mature audiences and be forewarned it is part of a series as the end it a total shock and I can't believe I have to wait for the next book!

I have read books by Adriane Leigh before and have loved them! She has left me in tears wondering what she could possibly due to my emotions next. I found her books entrapping and I don't want to put them down. I can't wait for the next book!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My review of Toccata Obbligato ~ Serenading Kyra by Jennifer Theriot

Todd O'Malley is your typical lead guitar player in a band called Avenue. He's into drinking and having as many women as he can but he thinks that maybe there is more out there for him as he's just not enjoying himself the way he used to. 

Kyra Edwards is the typical girl next door - gorgeous and smart and when a chance encounter at a coffee shop allows the two of them to meet - sparks fly.

But Kyra has reservations about Todd's lifestyle and when that past of his catches up with him will it cost him his first true love?

I loved the story written completely from Todd's point of view and how the writing made me truly feel like I was talking with him. It was so well written and enjoyable! I loved the pain Todd felt emotionally and how he grew up right in front of our eyes!

4 Stars

Toccata Obbligato by Jennifer Theriot

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dream Doctor by J.J. DiBenedetto

This is the second book in the series and unfortunately I have not read the first one but I definitely plan to go back and read it and really recommend reading it first. The story contains references to the first one and it would definitely make more sense although I can honestly say I enjoyed this book without reading book one.

Sara Katarina Barnes has dreams that haunt her life and also give her insight into the people around her. Her current dreams revolve around a few topics, including one of her professors at school who wants to be Dean. Luckily Sara has her new husband Brian by her side to support her and help her navigate through everything.

I really liked the concept of this book and I will definitely going back and reading the first one before finishing the rest of the series. I found it refreshing as life isn't super easy for Sara and she has to work hard at school to become a doctor while also trying to solve her dreams before anyone gets hurt.

I really can't wait to go back and read book one and then the rest! Great job!!

4 Stars!

Dream Series by JJ DiBenedetto

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cowboy, Mine Boxed Set

Cowboy, Mine... He'll Leave You Breathless...
By: The best-selling and award-winning authors….
Kathleen Ball, Krista Ames, Cheryl Gorman, Melissa Keir, Lyssa Layne, and D’Ann Lindun
Available only on Amazon and in print!

Texas Haven by Kathleen Ball
Can love shine through the clouds of treachery and misunderstanding?

Advertising for a wife seems like the answer to all of Burke Dawson's problems. He wants a wife and kids without emotional attachments, but he has no idea how much havoc one woman can cause.
Annie Douglas has her heart set on her hunky cowboy's love and she isn't about to stop until she gets it.

Take Me Home, Cowboy by Krista Ames
When tragedy strikes, will building tension and pride destroy a growing attraction or show them the way home?

Ally Kincaid returns to Rock Creek, Wyoming, to see her father after a two year absence. Anticipating a quiet family reunion, she finds herself butting heads with Matt Gentry—her father’s foreman—instead. The man’s arrogance and sexy drawl push all her buttons, making her wonder what he’s hiding beneath his cowboy swagger.

When tragedy strikes, will building tension and pride destroy their growing attraction or show them the way home?

Honeymoon Ranch by Cheryl Gorman
Can two reluctant partners ride off into their own blissful sunset on Honeymoon Ranch?

When wedding planner, Summer Conroy, discovers she has inherited half of Silver Creek Ranch, she is stunned to learn the other half is owned by sexy cowboy, Bryce Jericho. Her idea of turning the ranch into an exclusive wedding and honeymoon destination is met with a wall of resistance from Bryce who doesn’t want his ranch ruined with a bunch of wedding nonsense. He is determined to conceal his vulnerable heart that beats in fear of being betrayed again. Will this woman with dreams of happily-ever-after in her eyes transform his fear into love everlasting?

Chalkboard Romance by Melissa Keir
Will a One Night Stand prove to be their disaster or their salvation?

Lauren Walsh, a divorcee and elementary teacher, wants to feel sexy again after her ex tosses her aside for a younger woman. Her best friend encourages her to sign up for The Playhouse--a renowned dating agency. Forced to stay away from his young son, Mac Thomas lost the ability to trust. After the death of his wife, he returned to care for his son but his sister wants more for him. She sets him up with The Playhouse.

Passion ignites but Mac’s a parent of one of Lauren’s students. A teacher and a parent dating could cost Lauren her job and her chance at happiness. Will Mac be able to convince the school and Lauren, that love is the most important thing?

Until You Fall in Love by Lyssa Layne
Can a longtime friendship suddenly blossom into love?

Single mom Jordan Glastetter doesn't know how she'd survive without her best friend, Abram Tomko. He's the father her son never knew and he's the rock she's always leaned on.
When Abram's father suffers a heart attack, it's Abram's turn to depend on Jordan, finally seeing her as the woman she's become and not the little girl he grew up with.
Will they risk their friendship for a chance at love?

The Cowboy’s Baby by D’Ann Lindun
Cat wanted to keep her baby: Tanner insisted she give it up...can they find common ground seventeen years later?

Cat O’Brien left her heart in Granite, Colorado, seventeen years ago—her first love, Tanner Burke, and the baby girl she gave birth to at sixteen. Suddenly, both Tanner’s high school sweetheart and the teenage daughter they gave up for adoption are back in his life.
Cat is adamant their daughter keep her baby; Tanner isn’t as sure. Just like seventeen years before, he and Cat are butting heads over the fate of an unborn child.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Divine Trilogy - RE Hargrave

An erotic read meant for adults, The Divine Trilogy is not your typical romance. 

When you first meet Catherine and Jayden in To Serve is Divine, they aren’t looking for love at all. Catherine O’Chancey is a young submissive whose second Dom turned out to be an abusive fake. This is the story of her subsequent recovery and reentry into the BDSM lifestyle with the help of a new Dominant, Jayden Masterson. Come with me, and I’ll take you on the journey alongside Catherine and Jayden while their bond grows and deepens. It’ll be sexy and intense, but never fear, you get to be there to see the tender side of her new Dom as he helps her through her past tragedies. 

The Divine Trilogy offers a different view of the BDSM world. 

One that will enlighten readers and show them that those who live this Lifestyle often do so because it is a deep-seated need within their psyche, something that can't be ignored. And that need is okay because, when practiced properly, BDSM is all about being Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Find within the pages a sampling of the different dynamics which can occur amongst kinksters. Everything from hardcore pain sluts to docile “littles” who want to be pampered and coddled, but the important thing to remember is that everyone has a place of acceptance, without judgement, in this Lifestyle. 

Time and again reviewers have said they couldn’t put this book down . . . even when they don’t usually read this genre.


"The relationship between these two dynamic characters is one I love to revisit time and again."

"This series is phenomenal!"

"The Divine Trilogy by Ms. Hargrave is one of my favorite BDSM series on the market."

My review of Resurrection River by Lindsay Cross

Ranger James has always been in love with Amy Ann Carter but when she married his best friend Shane she became off limits. But now Shane is gone, killed in action and Ranger is torn between his love for Amy and his duty to the memory of Shane. Yet Ranger promised Shane he would take care of Amy, although he is uncertain to what the really meant.

Amy has always had feelings for Ranger but the memory of Shane is in her head and she has no desire for the the gossip of her moving on and is afraid of Shane's mother destroying her. Yet what is enough grieving time?

But Ranger is about to go back undercover and it appears that Pedro and Artie who help out on Amy's farm are in danger with the Lobello gang whom Ranger's team are investigating. Amy herself is in danger and Ranger will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even from himself.

This was another great book in the series and certain parts really surprised me. Totally didn't see certain things coming! Can't wait for the next book!!

5 Stars

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Reckless River by Lindsay Cross

Jared Crowe is out for a personal vendetta. He is back looking into his aunt Kathryn Crowe who tried to kill Jared and his brother Hoyt when they were children and he has never forgotten. They were rescued by a young girl whom he will never forget.

Now Jared is back and out for revenge when his brother has gone missing. Then as Jared is looking for Hoyt he is captured by Sparrow Pickney, the girl who saved him as a boy. But now that they are adults there is more on the line for both of them and more lives are in danger. Jared must decide if he can trust Sparrow but when it looks like he is led into a trap rescuing Hoyt, Sparrow is looking guilty.

Jared's trust keeps wavering back and forth with Sparrow but when it comes down to a deadly situation he must decide if what he feels towards Sparrow is true.

I thought this was a great book and I am loving this series! This book was somewhat deeper as it deals with a difficult past and many trust issues for everyone involved. I really enjoyed both of the characters of Jared and Sparrow and completely understand why each had walls around them and fears of being hurt.

I didn't see part of the end coming which was awesome! Although the very end of the book left me with so much heartache for Hoyt. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series!!

5 Stars

Men of Mercy Series by Lindsay Cross

Review of Mr. Blackwell by A.B. Novak

Vivienne Gray is 23 years old and a journalist covering the Blackwell family. The Blackwell family, under Joseph Blackwell, managed to turn bow and arrows into a multi-million dollar operation.

Jace Blackwell, 25, is the inventor and tester of new products and takes Vivienne out to the swamp where he was bitten by a diamondback rattlesnake. But at night there is a mysterious man out there and in the morning he is gone.

Vivienne and Jace are immediately attracted to each other and their feelings for the other grows but everything is not as it seems.

In the swamp where the Blackwell's are from there are stories written about the voodoo queen of the swamp - the ruler of the shadow creatures. The voodoo queen wants something from both Jace and Vivenne - and will do anything to get it.

Will they be able to protect each other or will one sacrifice everything to save the other?

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author. There were many levels to Vivienne that we learned about as the book went along and I felt like I was learning more which allowed me to get deeper into the book. The chemistry between Jase and Vivienne was immediate and I really wanted the two of them to succeed.

The book does leave you with a bit of a cliff-hanger and I am hoping that a second book is on it's way!!

4 Stars

Mr.Blackwell - AB Novak

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Until You Fall In Love by Lyssa Layne

There are certain moments when you read a book and it makes your heart beat a little faster. This book is one of the books that did it to me. I loved this book and the characters of Abram and Jordan and wish I could find someone like Abram!

Jordan Glastetter is a single mom to son R.J. and raising him with her best friend Abram Tomko. Jordan is battling with herself in wondering if she is asking Abram to give up too much of himself to help her and her son out. 

What do you do if there is a possibility of loving your best friend yet if they don't feel the same you risk losing that friendship? It is such a fine line as it is a tough thing to risk.

There is so much emotion in this book and I was so excited that Mia and Tate James make an appearance or two in this book!! This book is such a great read and definitely tore at my emotions!!

5 Stars

Monday, October 19, 2015

Review of Starlight Wishes by M.E. Montgomery

Jennifer Marie Mitchell keeps her life closely guarded with not letting many people close to her. When a one night stand with Dr.Tyler Cranston leaves her trying to run but Tyler refusing to give up she is slowly letting her guard down. But Tyler's reputation has a womanizer has Jennifer wanting to keep her distance.

Yet every time Jennifer finds herself getting closer to Tyler she puts her walls up again. But Tyler continually shows her what she has been missing.

Will Jennifer allow Tyler close enough to let her guard down to tell him the secrets of her past? Will Tyler be able to protect her from her demons and let her know that he truly loves her? But Tyler also has his own little demons that he needs to recover from as well.

I really enjoyed this book and this is the first time I have read this author but it won't be the last. I completely understood why Jennifer kept herself guarded and had reservations about Tyler. Their relationship is such an issue of trust and understanding and I like how it grew from a friendship to more. The supporting characters were fantastic and I loved Aiden.

Looking forward to reading more from this author!  

4 Stars

Starlight Wishes - M.E. Montgomery

Friday, October 16, 2015

Katie in Denver by R.Colora

Michael Kerrigan has loved Katherine Blackwell for many years but he broke her heart and she has never forgiven him, although she has a kept a big secret from him for all these years.

As Katie and Michael try and figure out what they want from each other they begin and end their relationship many times, which isn't helping them. Yet, their families believe the two are meant to be together and will do whatever it takes to help them both see the light.

Yet, the road is not easy and when both Katie and Michael are faced with their own tragedies they need to discover if they really have what it takes to have a succesful relationship.

I really enjoyed this book as it really looked at the hardships of picking up a relationship from where you believe it ended to where it actually needs to start from. I loved the advice that Dr.Franklin gave Michael and his shock to how she dealt with him.

Again the family bond in the story is so strong and everyone really stuck together, yet would call each other out when necessary.

I can't wait for the next book in the series as the series as completely sucked me in!!

4.5 Stars

In Denver Series by R.Colora

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Menu Planning for the busy mom!!

I am a huge menu planner. I plan out a month at a time and do one big non-perishable a shop once a month. I still have to pick up fruits, veggies and sandwich meats, etc, once or twice a week but it doesn't take me long. I find we eat out way less and I have things ready to go after work and before sports/activities.

I print off pdf calendars on-line and then start filling in the days. I use Pinterest a lot for my recipes and whenever I use a recipe I write a blurb so I know that I have tried it and what I thought. I also try and use what we have in the house and still throw in some of the kids favorites. Right now I have nothing scheduled for Saturday's as that is my day to make something that I haven't made during the week if we were unable to eat it. Whatever doesn't get made this month gets transferred to the next month's calendar as I know I already have the non-perishables bought for it already.

Underneath the recipes you can see what board I have found it in on my Pinterest page. During the week I tend to cook real homemade meals less as we are usually super busy with activities.

I find life for me is so much easier by sitting down once a month and planning everything through! It's also so much fun using Pinterest and I love my boards! Hopefully you can use something like this to make your life a little easier if you have trouble deciding what's for dinner!

The Lonely Wolf by Monica La Porta

I think this book is one of my favorites by Monica La Porta. There is still the continuing characters but this one dove pretty deep into emotions!

Lucius Seneca Quintilius is a legitimate and powerful businessman/alpha werewolf. His only problem is that he has been in love with Ludwig for 2,000 years, an angel who is about to be promoted to archangel, one of the most powerful positions. They have kept their forbidden love affair a secret but their love is being tested and may not be able to survive as Ludwig comes closer to his new position.

Lupo Selis is an orphan and member of the notorious Red gang. He is trying to discover his father and the answer will shake him to his core. Then he falls in love with a girl who is forbidden to him, and promised to someone else.

This book is really about what we are willing to do for love and how sometimes it really doesn't turn out like we thought it would. It also involves putting our trust in others, some of which we can trust and some who will sabotage everything for self gain. I loved this one as it had me in tears at points but also gave me hope!

Great book!!

5 Stars

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pre-Release Blitz for Keeping Secrets by Lisa Eugene!!

The Kissing Ball - Aubree Lane

Wow - what an incredible book!!

Melissa Ellison is 23 years old and a tree trimmer for her father's company Fallen Leaf Tree Trimming Service who handcrafts mistletoe decorations during the holiday season.

Melissa is offered the job opportunity she has always wanted from Cooper Dailey who runs Backyard Basics to make decorations for the Kiss and Tell dance with a huge budget. Melissa and her friend Sara work together to employ autistic adults to help make the decorations. But it's not as easy as she has hoped and she enlists Ryder Moore, whom used to work for her dad's business and had a huge crush on to help her achieve what she has been striving toward.

Unfortunately, Melissa soon finds herself up against more than she has planned for and will she succeed or will all of her goals fall flat?

I loved this book and found I took so much away from it. I learned so much about autism and what the families go through. I loved the interactions between Sara, Melissa and the families and just felt so good after reading the book. I loved discovering more about Ryder and really loved the ending!! What a great book!!

5 Stars

Monday, October 12, 2015

Cover Reveal for She Will Be Loved by Theresa Troutman!!

Three very different girls searching for love.
Everyone deserves a happy ending, that’s what Penny Stanton thought. Only her ending was anything but happy after her husband died. Her friends had been an amazing support system over the year following Maxwell’s death, but there was a hole in Penny’s heart she felt would never heal. Can an old flame reignite her passion and make her take a second chance on love?
Mattie Irons was rambunctious, charming, and smart. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes until her baby brother was born. Her parents, especially her mother, spent more time cooing over the infant than paying attention to Mattie. Now Mattie is feeling unloved, leaving Sebastian and Tess searching for a way to abate their daughter’s fears.
Kate Hamilton has made the move to England to be with her daughter and son-in-law. Her new upper-crust English life style is a long way from middle class suburbia in America. She volunteers at the local children’s hospital and helps Tess raise the children. Yet Sutton castle is a large building and it, along with its butler, are very intimidating. Can she adapt to this new life as her daughter did and find love again?
She Will Be Loved will be released on October 26, 2015!
In this series:
Add to your Goodreads TBR: 
Three very different girls searching for love. Everyone deserves a happy ending, that’s what Penny Stanton thought. Only her ending was ...

Sierra Mist by Aubree Lane

In 1985 Jessie Marcus faced an extremely dangerous situation when she was 8 years old and 28 years later she is working for Forest Services and is attacked by a mountain lion.

Yet there have been some strange things going on and they seem to involve Derek and Ice Foster. In order to discover what is going on Jessie needs to get closer but her life is at stake and it doesn't seem very safe!

This was a great short story with some really strange occurrences that kept me guessing on what was going to happen next! I very much enjoyed the story and can't wait to read more from Ms.Lane!

4 Stars

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chicken Ranch Burgers

The other night for dinner the kids and I made Chicken Ranch Burgers. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it led me to the website of "Six Sisters' Stuff". I have made recipes from them before and have always enjoyed them.

This was an easy burger to make and I had my daughter read out the instructions while my son and I gathered the ingredients and put them in the bowl. It was a great family activity as all of us got to be proud of the dinner and both kids ate more than they do normally!

The only part I am constantly freaked out about is under-cooking the chicken. I am always so paranoid of that but they did cook all the way through! I think next time though I would make more than 4 patties and just make them a little smaller.  

The link for the recipe is:

Saturday, October 10, 2015

My review of Cole for Christmas

Cole for Christmas by Kelly Collins

4 Stars

Chloe Craig is desperate for any design job she can get after struggling to make it in the ski town she has escaped to. She accepts a job to transform Mr.Cole's house into a winter wonderland in just 3 days before his family arrives. When her temp arrives she quickly puts him to work helping her with the house.

Elias Cole does not believe in the Christmas spirit but is very impressed with how his house has been transformed by the talented Chloe. He is instantly attracted to her but she will not cross that relationship line with a boss.

Will Elias and Chloe allow their feelings for each other to grow and when Elias gives Chloe another job will she take it or reject it based on her heart?

When Elias's family arrives and embrace Chloe will the truth come out?

This is such a sweet Christmas story that embraces the meaning of finding love when you least expect it. I loved Elias's family - especially Gretchen and Grandma!

Elias is one of a kind and his heart is huge!! Yet he is also cautious after having it broke a few times! I completely understand the hesitancy with Chloe wanting not to have a relationship with her boss after what she has gone through in her past.

Great Christmas love story!!

Cole for Christmas by Kelly Collins

Friday, October 9, 2015

Accidental Leigh by Melanie James

OMG - I seriously loved this book and laughed my way through it!

Leigh Epstein is a "single, overworked and under-fucked elementary school teacher" who decides to write a book after her favorite book boyfriend is killed. She buys a desk and begins to write her story but strange things begin to happen.

As Leigh realizes the strange occurrences are related to her story she begins to alter her story to help her friends out but things are not going as she planned. She strives to figure out how to straighten things out before it's too late. Plus she really does not want things to go wrong with the new man in her life, Hunter.

I seriously laughed through so much of this book and got some strange looks from the people around me on the airplane. I loved how so much went wrong and how imaginative Leigh got in trying to make people happy. 

I can't wait to read what happens in the next story!!

5 Stars

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Another At Bat by Lyssa Layne

Troubled Souls

Rosalee Redford is infatuated with the Titanic and after visiting a special exhibit in las Vegas she now has been dreaming that she has been on-board the ship. Yet, things are getting stranger as she realizes she is not herself on the ship at all.

After hitting her head in the shower, her boyfriend Bradley gets her to the hospital and the two discover that she needs to solve a mystery regarding her dreams from the ship. Not everything is what it seems to be and there is definitely something going on.

This was a good mystery but I wish it had been longer to dive into some aspects of the story more that I felt were mentioned but not in enough detail. I did enjoy it and would definitely read the author again!

3.5 Stars

Angela Ford

One of the authors I have the pleasure of reading for has two of her books on sale!! She is a great author and give the books a read - you won't be disappointed!!

Here are the buy links: remember both books are permanently 99 cents! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pieces of Me by Rachel Ryan

Abbi and her best friend Jake Lewis have grown up together and always been there for each other. They slowly realize they have feelings for each other and kiss but then tragedy strikes and Jake moves across the country, leaving Abbi behind.

But fate sometimes brings people back together, but then again not always. Jake has re-entered Abbi's life but she has moved on and is involved with someone else. But everything is not as it appears and Abbi may truly be in over her head.

This book definitely had some suspense and kept me waiting to see what was going to happen as I really didn't see some stuff coming! 

Lots of mystery and romance!

3.5 Stars

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



My name is Rebecca and I want to share my love of my family, books and food with you!

I am a single mom of two amazing kids! My daughter is 10 and my son is 8 and you will get to know them and their love of playing sports through the posts. They are my life and provide me with so much happiness and joy! I work part-time in order to get my kids to all of their activities and they definitely keep me on my toes!

Reading has become more than just a hobby for me! I have recently begun reviewing books for authors, blogs and even a promoter which has brought me so much happiness and into the world of indie writers! I can`t wait to share with you the books I have read - both indie and other published authors. Hopefully you are able to find some new authors that help you fall in love with reading over and over again.

If I could cook and bake all day I definitely would! I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen although I really wish I would have someone else clean up the mess! I am absolutely addicted to pinterest and use it all the time to find new recipes and try out as many as I can. I will share with you the recipes I love and hopefully you can find some for yourself!

I am very new to the blogging world so please stick with me as I navigate through this uncharted territory! I am definitely far from computer savvy so if you have any suggestions please feel free to pass them my way! I am more than happy to learn new things and see how to improve!

Have a great night!