Monday, November 30, 2015

My review of The Braille Club by J.A. Kerr

This book dives into a hidden world of a secret exclusive club that is run by Benedict Harrison after he once attended a Braille Club and never gave up looking for the girl he never saw.

The book goes from the past to the future and looks into the lives of 4 key people - Benedict Harrison, Sienna Waters, Gabriella Ballantyne and Abbey. Each of them are linked to the Braille Club but for different reasons, which the book explores.

I did find it difficult to get into the book but did enjoy it once I got into it. I must admit that I was confused at parts with it flipping from the past to the present as I wasn't always paying attention to the years at the beginning of the chapters.

I enjoyed all the characters stories and enjoyed the look into their lives and why they all ended up at the Braille Club. It was interesting to see how it affected each of their lives and where it left them at the end of the book.

The relationship between Sienna and Benedict was an interesting one and I definitely did not see some of the things that came out coming - some shocks for sure! I also didn't see the cliffhanger ending coming and I really didn't like where it was leading and hinting at!

I will definitely be reading the next story as I need to see where everything has left off!

3.5 Stars

The Braille Club by JA Kerr

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau

What an incredible heart-warming story on true love that grows from the inside and not based on appearances.

Cali Johnson has moved from Idaho City to the Bronx to work as an assistant to an Interior Decorator. She doesn't know anyone and doesn't feel comfortable in her building due to the awful condition it is in but knows she is safe once she can get inside her apartment. One day she hears a cat in the hallway and drops Jasper off at his owners place upstairs, but there she finds more mystery.

Marcus Ritz hides from the world inside his apartment and no one sees him. What is preventing Marcus from going out in the world?

Cali and Marcus soon develop a friendship but she still never gets a glimpse of him. As he feelings grow for Marcus she tries to get him to trust her and let him know whatever he is hiding from her won't change how she feels about him.

I absolutely loved this story! I loved how attentive Marcus was to Cali and how he wanted to protect her yet at the same time he still didn't trust her seeing him. The feelings in this book were so real and I loved Cali's sweetness!

5 Stars

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scrooge You by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Kevin Wright is a movie star trying to recover from a humiliating break-up with Marianne Lerner which saw his image take a complete nose-dive. For the holidays he decides to head back to his hometown to get away from the press and help his sister with her upcoming wedding.

Sasha Moretti is trying to keep it all together. She is working at the mall at a clothing store while trying to keep the rest of her problems under control. Yet a chance "slip" into Kevin, whom she went to high school with, ends up changing everything for her - and not necessarily for the good.

Will Kevin and Sasha each open up to the other or will the secrets they each keep from the other keep their relationship from growing. Trust is a huge issue and both have been hurt before.

I loved this book as it touches on so many important issues - like Alzheimer's, and other issues that would spoil things. I think it's super funny how we can look back at the past, like both Kevin and Sasha did and have different views of the same thing, yet knowing that would have changed their future.

This book is heavy, yet there are still so many laughs and the book just sucks you in and you never want it to end. So incredibly well written and I loved it!

5 Stars

Friday, November 27, 2015

My reviews from Places to See

I was lucky enough to read two of the books from the Places to See Collection.

Kisses and Strudel: Christmas Romance - Germany (Places to See Book 1) by Jennifer Conner

Mr.Simon's daughter Janelle has died and he has given the four girls who work very hard for him at Simon's Department Store, a trip anywhere in the world that they would like to go. His idea is that they enjoy life and not work so hard.

This book centers around Aubri Reynolds who is the head buyer of Christmas Decorations for the department store. Aubri has carefully planned her trip to Rothenburg, Germany, a location known for the most distinctive and largest Christmas stores in the world.

What Aubri doesn't count on is meeting Ryker the manager of Weihnachten Haus. He is everything she has ever wanted in a man but both are very settled in their lives with their jobs. Will either be willing the ultimate sacrifice and move to the other side of the world for the other?

I truly loved this book and would love to have Aubri's job! The connection is apparent right from the start and I can't imagine how difficult Ryker's life has become and completely understand why he is so comfortable where he is. This book is heartwarming and makes you look at what is most important.

I truly love what Mr.Simon is trying to do for the girls and commend his idea of living while you can.

In Love With Paris by Sharon Kleve

This is the second book in this series which sees Mr.Simon, the owner of Simon's Department Store send 4 of his hardest working girls each on a trip to somewhere in the world that they have always wanted to go to following the death of his daughter, Janelle.

In this book the focus is on Paget Murphy, the head art buyer for Simon's. Her dream has always been to go to Paris and the Louvre. What Paget doesn't count on is meeting Christoper Paris in the airport and being instantly swept away by him. Nor does she count on meeting her favorite author, Susan Couple, who she ends up sitting beside on the flight over.

Christopher Paris works as a curator for the Louvre and the two spend as much time as they can together, as his work will allow. He shows her the sights of Paris and the two fall further for each other.

Will the two find away to be together at the end of the trip and will Christopher be able to get a job back in the US as he has planned?

I thought this story was great! I loved that the two spent their mornings running together and really enjoying the qualities of the other. I also loved that Paget was able to meet Susan and the relationship that the two of them developed as well. The European lifestyle is more of a "slow-down" approach and that really did come across in the book with the mornings as the cafes.

Both of these books are 5 Stars

Places to See Series by Jennifer Conner, Sharon Kleve, Angela Ford & Natalie-Nicole Bates.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My review of Last Girl by K.S. Thomas

Absolutely unbelievable.

I don't feel like 5 stars is enough for this book that took me through so many emotions and so many tears. There is no way to even do this review justice without giving away something that I wasn't expecting.

Beatrix "Trix" Daley's twin Bo died 8 years ago and a part of her still struggles with the loss. At her side is Bo's best friend Penn Cavanaugh, whom she has a weird relationship with. Both have been present in each other's lives for 20 years but they aren't really friends.

Yet, beneath their "annoyance" for each other something more is present but will the memory of Bo bring them closer together or farther apart?

I love all the characters in the book. The friendships that Trix and Penn have with other people are so pivotal and give the characters strength and guidance when they need it most. Trix is such an amazing woman who is trying to find her own way to deal with the grief of her brother's loss as is Penn but they need to really figure how to do it.

I honestly can't say enough amazing things about this book without ruining something but this book will stay in my heart and mind for a long time. Just incredible.

5 Stars

Last Girl by KS Thomas

The Braille Club Unbound by JA Kerr

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Love's Ride by Chantel Rhondeau

Brad McCallister has always felt the need to compete with his brothers and even when he takes over managing his families island, it doesn't feel like he has done enough. His attraction to the island therapist, Dr.Chelsea Taylor, is strong but he is too chicken to ask her out.

Dr.Chelsea Taylor loves living on the island and has grown very close to several members of the McCallister family due to her work with them. When Sydney believes that Brad and Chelsea need to get to know each other better she sets them up on a couple of dates.

Chelsea has a desire to be an adventurist and Brad will do whatever it takes to show her that he can be that guy she is looking for. When Brad surprises her with an adventure trip will the two be able to work together to survive the elements or will the secrets they are keeping from each other tear them apart and put them in real danger?

I really enjoyed this book and it is different than the other McCallister books as it really focuses only on Brad and Chelsea having to work through things together without outside influences. Although Chelsea is a therapist she keeps many of her own secrets close to her heart and one mistake could really cost her.

5 Stars

Cover Reveal for It Started In Texas by MB Feeney

Monday, November 23, 2015

Santa's Pet by Rachelle Ayala

Brittney Reed is 21 years old and has always been in her sister Lacy's shadow. She is the "good girl" who has always done everything right but when she dresses up as a sexy elf as a favor for her sister for a fundraiser her good girl image is about to take a serious beating.

Ben Powers is staying with his grandpa after his college football team doesn't make the playoffs. When his grandpa has a heart attack he agrees to dress up as Santa, not knowing this one thing may end up costing him his football career. 

With misunderstandings, lawyers, police officers and someone ready to shut down Brittney's business will Ben and Brittney be able to work together to clear their names or will their closeness actually cause them more problems in the long run?

I loved this book. This book was full of surprises and conflict as both Ben and Brittney had to figure out what their respective lawyers were doing and the damage it was causing. Yet as Ben and Brittney began to get closer they each held things back from the other and these secrets, especially Brittney's may cause a very unhappy ever after!!

5 Stars

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Loving Lucy by Chantel Rhondeau

Blake Carmichael is looking for the right woman for himself and who can be a good mom to his 5 year old son. He is an accountant with a huge crush on Lucy Brier, the secretary at his work. Blake is challenged by Sherry, his office partner, to woo Lucy for SuperBowl tickets.

Unfortunately for Blake, Lucy has been given a challenge by her sister Trisha, to stay single until next Christmas and she will recieve Trisha's Christmas bonus.

As the attraction between Blake and Lucy grows, they both have stuff on the line that they are scared to lose. Will their feelings for each other be enough and when Lucy believes she doesn't have what Blake wants will she run for good?

This was a super sweet story about finding true happiness without short changing yourself. It is also a story about the importance of communication and waiting to clear up things without jumping to conclusions! Loved this story!

Friday, November 20, 2015

My review of Off Limits - A Taboo Anthology

This was a good anthology with stories of taboo relationships and actions!

The Billionaire's Stepdaughter by Ginger Singh 

Everett, 19 years old, wants her mother's new husband and will do anything to flaunt her body in front of him, making him want her. Daniel, 29 years old, is married to Everett's mother Grace, 39 years old and really wants Everett. He tries turning to Grace to get his sexual tension out but it doesn't seem to be working.

Will Everett get what she wants from Daniel and will Grace find out?

This was a cliffhanger book so don't except to get the ending in here. To be honest when I read the age gaps between everyone I really wasn't surprised that an affair would happen and I think Grace must really be something to be on her 5th marriage at 39 years old. I didn't feel to bad for Grace although I am definitely curious to see where the story leads.

A Taboo Lesson by S.M. Donald 

Chrissy Moody is working in Banff as a housekeeper at The Big House. She enjoys her little fetish of getting off to people's private pictures when she is caught by a guest.

But this isn't any ordinary guest. Even though they have both figured out their link to one another, the guest sets out to punish Chrissy for snooping in his things. Chrissy gets more than she bargained for with the guest and his friends but she also never thought she'd enjoy it as much as she did.

I thought it was funny that Chrissy got caught but in a way I was surprised that the guest went as far as he did knowing who she was. Chrissy was keeping so many secrets from everyone around her that I wasn't surprised that she was being blackmailed!

Volatile Confessions by Alexia Purdy 

Hannah Walters works as a stripper at the strip club Volatile. She is extremely succesful but one day her pasts walks back into her life.

Grant Sully who went to middle school with Hannah offers her money to sleep with his identical twin Thomas, but when she realizes they used to pretend to be each other she doesn't know which brother she has a past with.

Yet there are mysteries to the past that Hannah needs to find out before it's too late.

Warning - this is a cliffhanger!! There are so many questions that I need answered and so much mystery surrounding the past of Hannah and the Sully brothers. I can't say I liked the relationship of the three as I need more resolved although I do like Hannah. I don't trust Grant but I am not sure about how I feel about Thomas yet.

Between Lines by M.J. Lovewyn 

Alex Pink, a high school teacher, is engaged to Janice but is having doubts about their relationship. While camping with his parents Alex meets Riley Cassel, who tells him she is a teacher in a neighboring community and he knows she is who he wants. After one night together Alex believes he has found his future.

But Riley is holding some secrets pretty close to her and when Alex discovers the truth he tries to break it off but Riley is holding the upper hand, and isn't willing to let go.

I really enjoyed this book as there were some definite surprises! I really liked Alex and understood what went wrong with Janice and why he really wanted to find love with Riley. Riley was awesome as she went for what she wanted and never held anything back, although she was quite manipulative. The ending definitely made me laugh at how resourceful Riley is!

St.Charles at Dusk by Sarah M. Cradit

This is the story of Oz Sullivan and Adrienne Deschanel, a forbidden love full of angst and heartache.

Oz's wife Janie has just died when Adrienne comes back into his life. The book looks back at their relationship and how it came to evolve into the state it's at. He believes part of him has always loved Adrienne but there has been so much controversy that he's not sure what he wants.

After Adrienne is in a car accident she has lost her memories and slowly begins to put her life back together with Jesse Fontaine and lives with his mother Angelique and sister Anna. Yet she begins to question things and reaches out to Oz for help.

This is a story about the secrets that families hold and the actions people to do to protect those they love. I really enjoyed this book and the love that the two shared even though there were so many things working against them. As the book progressed I really enjoyed learning about all of the secrets that were kept from people in a way to protect them.

Both Adrienne and Oz had so much heartache but they still had so much love for each other through it all.

Temptation by Jami Denise

Dana Perry is a temp in an attorney office trying to find Mr.Right. Her friend Beth keeps setting her up on dates, the latest being on Valentine's Day but she is running late after being kept after work doing some filing for her incredibly good-looking boss, Mr.Hudson.

When Dana is stood up Mr.Hudson is there and it seems like he has a lot more than dinner on his mind...

I liked Dana and her nervousness when it came to her attraction for her boss. I also really liked how she was really wondering what was going to happen after. Mr.Hudson took me by complete surprise and I was shocked at where he thought everything was headed!

Love Lesson by Liv Morris 

Staci Tillman has returned to the high school she graduated from to teach and coach the cheerleaders. She is only 4 years older than the seniors, and she has not gathered the respect from many that she hoped she would have.

Daniel Johnson is the high school quarterback who is failing Creative Writing and has gone to Staci for tutoring. His past is wracked with tragedy and is older than the students around him. He is extremely attracted to Staci and is he willign to cross the line?

When Daniel and Staci find themselves extremely attracted to each other what will come about for them? Do they really have a once in a lifetime love?

I really enjoyed this book and once everything was out in the open it wasn't as bad as what it could have been. I felt so sorry for Daniel and what he has gone through in the past! I loved how the story turned out!

My Wicked Stepsister by T.S. Irons

Drew Reynolds is living the high life in California, attending UCLA and living with her father,step-mother and step-siblings Alex and Liam.

Liam is going to be attending Harvard but when Drew asks him to go to the beach house he can't turn her down, he never has been able to.

When both Drew and Liam realize they have feelings for each other will they act on how they feel and what will the future hold for them?

I really enjoyed this story and the twists that it took. The relationship between Drew and Liam was strong with so much against them. The jealousy that Liam had was very strong and I'm glad that Drew and Liam were able to communicate through everything.

In Too Deep by Morgan Jane Mitchell

Loraine Wynters is a used to taking what she wants from men and leaving before they can get anything from her. She has agreed to go to a sex-addict support group in order to satisfy her mom. What she doesn't excpect is to see her boss at the meetings as well.

Richard Mahoney is 30 years old and used to getting what he wants from women and wanting Loraine is no exception. Loraine and Richard begin a special relationship to help the other with their own issues.

But as both find themselves starting new relationships that are linked together then may discover that the truth is more dangerous than they thought it would be.

Then one night everything is on the line and what comes out is fuzzy line between fact and fiction.

This book definitely had me by surprise and left a huge cliffhanger! I can't believe how it ended and it has me really wanting to read the second book. The relationship between Loraine and Rick is hot and a learning curve for both of them.

4 Stars

Off Limits

“Off Limits - A Taboo Anthology” ~ Nine, titillating tales by today’s hottest authors in one salacious anthology. 
Nine naughty authors, including New York Times, USA Today and Amazon Best Sellers, in one amazing anthology. Off Limits includes two never- before-released novels.
“Off Limits - A Taboo Anthology” includes the following books: 
Sarah M. Cradit, St. Charles at Dusk - Set amidst the lush and vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, this is the story of Oz and Adrienne. Of forbidden love, and startling heartbreak.
Jami Denise, Temptation - Dara Perry is having a very dry spell. Getting stood up on Valentine's Day accentuates how pathetic her life has become. That is, until she spots her very sexy boss sitting across the bar from her, and he promises to turn her bad luck into a very good night.
S.M. Donald, A Taboo Lesson - Chrissy never thought she would get caught snooping through people's computers and seeing their most intimate files, while working as a housekeeper at an expensive hotel. The man who caught her was someone from her past, but hadn't seen in ten years. She never thought that he would punish her so severely and love it.
T.S. Irons, My Wicked Stepsister - I’ve been her protector, her rock, her savior. I also happened to be her stepbrother, and completely infatuated with her. Should I push aside my feelings of desire or cross a line I’m not sure either one of us can come back from? 
Morgan Jane Mitchell, In Too Deep - Taking what she wants from a new man every night lands Loraine in the local sex addict's support group where she sees a familiar face. After learning all her secrets, Loraine’s new boss Rick is determined to fix her with his own brand of therapy.
MJ Lovewyn, Between Lines (New Release) - High School Algebra Teacher, Alex Pink turns his life upside down to reunite with his summer fling only to find the woman of his dreams sitting in the third row of his class. Sometimes the worst line to cross is the one you don’t realize you already have.
Liv Morris, Love Lessons - Desperate to find a teaching job after graduating college, Tali Tillman returns to her high school to teach English Literature. One of her students and star quarterback, Daniel Johnson, begins to fail her class, so Tali's asked to tutor him after-hours. Lines between teacher and student become blurred, but will they be crossed?
Alexia Purdy, Volatile Confessions - When brothers Grant and Thomas Sully return into Hannah’s life, she knows this sinister road is full of hidden motives and forgotten lies. The brothers’ demands risk her losing everything to keep her skeletons locked away, but doing so could mean letting go of all she’s ever wanted.
Ginger Singh, The Billionaire’s Stepdaughter (New Release) - Everett isn't used to not getting what she wants. When what she wants is her mother's husband there is nothing a little tit for tat won't get her.  
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  About The Authors
Sarah M. Credit
Sarah is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Paranormal Southern Gothic series, The House of Crimson & Clover, born of her combined passion for New Orleans, family sagas, and the mysterious complexity of human nature. Her work has been described as rich, emotive, and highly dimensional.
An unabashed geek, Sarah enjoys studying subjects like the Plantagenet and Ptolemaic dynasties, and settling debates on provocative Tolkien topics such as why the Great Eagles are not Gandalf's personal taxi service. Passionate about travel, Sarah has visited over twenty countries collecting sparks of inspiration (though New Orleans is where her heart rests). She's a self-professed expert at crafting original songs to sing to her very patient pets, and a seasoned professional at finding ways to humiliate herself (bonus points if it happens in public). When at home in Oregon, her husband and best friend, James, is very kind about indulging her love of fast German cars and expensive lattes.
Connect with Sarah:
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Jami Denise
Jami Denise is an up and coming writer from Southern California.
She writes Contemporary Romance, New Adult, and Erotica.
She has always had a strong desire to write. From a very young age, books became her escape. She loves the freedom to express herself through her stories and share them with others. 
Her books are always on the spicy side with a little bit of sweet to make you swoon. Her feisty kittens always give the bad boys a run for their money. She likes taking risks, pushing her characters into directions that challenge the reader and take them out of their element. You'll usually find the unexpected to happen in her stories. Life isn't always pretty, and she likes to layer her words with true grit. 
She is a self professed cat lady, addicted to coffee and Monster, cupcake lip balm, and loves all things old,grungy,and fast. She's well versed in sarcasm, and the F-word is her favorite adjective. 
When she doesn't have her nose in a book, or fingers on a keyboard, she's spending time with family and friends, watching old movies, and waiting for the next felon to come sweep her off her feet.
She loves interacting with her readers and meeting new friends.
Connect with Jami:
S.M. Donald
S. M. Donald is just an average girl. She could be your next door neighbor or a librarian. You'd never know in real life that she's got some pretty wicked fantasies!
T.S. Irons
Bestselling author T.S. Irons likes all things smutty! She loves lingerie, sexy movies and hot reads.
She lives in Pensylvania with her sexy husband and their crazy dog. Her published works include the Taboo Triology: Step-Dom, Sibling Rivalry, and My Wicked Stepsister.
 Connect with T.S. :
Morgan Jane Mitchell
Bestselling erotic romance and paranormal author, Morgan Jane Mitchell spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction. Trading politicians for bloodsuckers of another kind, she's now the author of bestselling post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, Sanguis City. Her action packed series of vampires, witches, demons and zombies is paranormal romance, dystopia, urban fantasy and erotica in one bite. When Morgan Jane is not creating the city of blood or conjuring up other supernatural tales, she's dreaming up erotic and dark romances. Morgan Jane lives in the beautiful bluegrass area of central Kentucky with her husband, 3 sons, 3 cats and a greyhound shepherd mix dog named Miss Penni Lane. She also writes erotic romance as MJ Lovewyn.
Connect with Morgan:
Liv Morris
USA Today bestselling author, Liv Morris, was raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. She now resides on the rock known as St. Croix, USVI with her first and hopefully last husband. After relocating twelve times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she's planted, Liv brings her moving and life experience to her writing. 
 Connect with Liv:
Alexia Purdy
Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada - Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She is the award-winning author of the Reign of Blood series and A Dark Faerie Tale Series.
 Connect with Alexia:
Ginger Singh
Ginger Singh enjoys writing erotica that is strange, and different, and sometimes humorous. She has a good sense of humor and a desire to push the envelope. You never know what she might come out with next.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My review of Winter in Waianae by Aubree Lane

Brittany Southerland has made the escape from her parents and left for Hawaii to be with her sister, Annie Javier. Annie lives their with her husband Terence, son Max and step-daughter Erika. Brittany feels instantly wanted and included in their family but still wants to do her share without overstepping any boundaries.

At the same time as her arrival, spinner dolphins also arrive and they seem to have a magical effect on everything around them and their is definitely mystery in the air.

As Brittany begins to explore a relationship with Grady, the boy across the street, "adopted" by the Javier family there is so much more at stake, including Erika's feelings towards Grady.

This book explores relationships, family, love and mystery as not everything is working out the way it should be. I can't wait for the next book as I felt I was not ready for this one to be over by any means! Incredibly written and I definitely didn't see certain things coming!

5 Stars

Winter in Waianae by Aubree Lane

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot

Noel Calabrese runs her own Public Relations firm and although her professional life is going great her personal life is definitely not. Noel lives with her ex-husband, Dave, who is a hot-shot litigator who cheated on her but due to recently battling cancer needed help from Noel.

Tony Tolbert, Noel's client and former Nascar driver, has asked Noel to come for a meeting but Noel says no until she discovers a secret Dave has been keeping from her. There she meets Leon Hallis, every woman's dream man, but Noel has many insecurities due to the emotional scarring from her relationship with Dave and doesn't believe she has what Leon wants.

I loved this story as I really could relate to the insecurities that Noel faced. So many women doubt themselves yet there are men that can be swept away by the things we hate most about ourselves. This was such a powerful book about believing in yourself!! 

5 Stars

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My review of You're Not Alone by Stacy Eaton

Trinity Morris is a co-founder for the organization "You're Not Alone" which helps people escaping from domestic abuse situations. While presenting at a seminar she sees Sargeant Gavin Brooksfield, a man very familiar with Trinity's past.

As Gavin tries to be there for Trinity she has a hard time letting herself trust him after what she has gone through in her past. Yet Gavin is patient with her and has his own demons from his past that he has had to overcome.

Will Trinity allow Gavin in or will her past be to great for her to overcome. When it appears that someone is out to get her will Gavin be able to protect her?

I loved this book! There were so many amazing parts of it that really showed how vulnerable people can be and why some people have a lack of confidence in those that are deemed to protect them. All of the secondary characters were amazing and you are able to see so many different points of views on the same subjects.

Amazing and I highly recommend this book!!

5 Stars

You're Not Alone by Stacy Eaton

Friday, November 13, 2015

My review of A Woman of Courage by Marlow Kelly

Fianna Byrne is the leader of Clan Byrne in Ireland. Tragedy has struck her clan and she goes to the last place she ever thought she would go, to her ex-husband's clan to warn them about the attack by the Vikings in order to protect her son, Lorcan.

Connell O'Neill has never gotten over Fianna and takes her injuries as an excuse to get close to her once again, knowing no one has ever taken her place. Yet Fianna remembers being rejected and humiliated bu Connell and is very leery to trust him again, no matter what her feelings are.

Connell knows his clan will never trust Fianna due to rumors his father spread but when she risks it all will it be enough?

I really enjoyed this book and the look into the differences that Ireland had compared to most of the other countries around them with marriage and divorce. I loved the undying attraction between Fianna and Connell and the strength that Fianna had. She was obviously a very strong woman who took her responsibilities to heart. I also really liked Connell, especially once you realize why he did what he did to Fianna.

This was a great book and I look forward to more by the author!

4 Stars

A Woman of Courage by Marlow Kelly

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My review of Beyond the Ivory Tower by Jill Blake

Dr. Anna Lazarev is a math professor who believes that you need to get a degree to get anywhere in life so when her sister, Klara, drops out of college for a fellowship program she is devastated.

Ethan Talbot is a Venture Capitalist who believes that people do not need degrees, but mentor-ship to get further in life and offers a program to help bright students. He is used to being in the press and receiving attention for his apparent "playboy lifestyle" but nothing prepares him for Anna.

His attraction for Anna is undeniable but will the core differences they have for education break apart any chance that the two have of a future together. Will either be able to make the compromise that they other suggests they make or does each of their respective advances in their careers mean too much to them to let go.

Will they be able to work out their problems before it's too late?

I really enjoyed this book. I loved how Anna made it in what is typically deemed as a man's facility. I completely understand why she believes that education is so important but I also understand where Ethan is coming from in that we give people an education which leaves them with a pile of debt and no hands-on experience in the real world. I think this book really makes you think about ways we can improve the real world and take what both Anna and Ethan have to offer!

This was my first book by Jill Blake and it certainly will not be my last!

5 Stars

Beyond the Ivory Tower by Jill Blake

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My review of Set Free by Kelly Collins

Wow! Another amazing read by Kelly Collins!

Michelle "Mickey" Mercer has just gotten out of the Denver Women's Correctional Facility, after spending the last year in jail. She is looking forward to getting back to her ranch and getting her life back together. Yet no one is there to pick her up when she gets out and she begins the long walk home.

Detective Kerrick McKinley picks Mickey up and instantly feels the need to protect her from everything that is going wrong in her life. Yet, he does not want a relationship with her due to his fear of relationships.

The two form a hot and cold friendship that neither really want to give up. Kerrick does all he can to help Mickey get her life back, and get rid of her ex-boyfriend Morgan who ended up putting her in jail in the first place. When Kerrick isn't there when Mickey needs him will he blame himself and ruin everything they have worked so hard to attain?

I loved the relationship, or lack of, between Kerrick and Mickey. It is so important to realize the amount of damage verbal abuse can do on a person, even if they have no idea they are really receiving it. This book had intensity, loyalty and some twists you never saw coming. I also loved that the book was a totally unique idea!

5 Stars

Set Free by Kelly Collins

AUTHOR:Kelly Collins
GENRE:Contemporary romance with an 18+ warning

One ex-convict, one detective, one ranch, one hell of a ride.




When twenty-four-year-old Mickey Mercer walked out of the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility she had two things on her mind: the friends she left behind and the rough road ahead.


She had a failing ranch, a rundown home, and an angry ex-boyfriend determined to crush her. That was until a stranger appointed himself her personal savior.


Detective McKinley’s job was to protect and serve. His life was consumed by work until he found Mickey walking down a dusty road. She was a mess and in trouble, and there was nothing sexier than trouble. Mickey was everything he wanted, but nothing he needed. That was the lie he told himself.


Set Free is a story about love, hope, and redemption. Sometimes, people aren’t what they seem. Sometimes, they’re better.




I resigned myself to hoofing it up the road. Step by step, I distanced myself from the prison. The farther I got, the better I felt. My meager steps turned into long strides. My rounded shoulders straightened. With each step, the dirt I kicked up buried my past.


Twenty minutes later, the prison faded from view. The road ahead twisted and turned with nothing in sight. Leaving the confines of the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, I didn’t expect my lack of resources to confine me in a new type of hell.


The sun sat high in the sky and I was well on my way to sunburnt limbs. Leaning against a signpost on the side of the road, my eyes searched for cars leaving the prison. Maybe someone would be kind enough to give me a ride.


The hot breeze rattled the sign above my head. When I looked up, I laughed. It said Correctional facility area. Do not pick up hitchhikers. I continued on the dusty path, knowing that the universe had just flipped me off.









Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive.


Always a romantic, she is inspired by real time events mixed with a dose of fiction. She encourages her readers to reach the happily ever after and bask in the afterglow of the perfectly imperfect love.


Kelly lives in Colorado with her husband of twenty-five years. She loves hockey, shiny objects and has a passion for lemon drop martinis.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My review for Paramour for the Devil by Savannah Hill

This book is dark, erotic and entertaining!

Haley Hawthorne is a witch and from a powerful family but that didn't stop her from being kidnapped by Lucifer's brother Raden, and then branded by him. Yet Haley was able to escape from him, yet the threat of someone grabbing her again remains high.

Damian Pierce is the son of Lucifer, but has chosen his own path and that is to work for Adversus. Adversus works against Lucifer and are the "good" guys. When Damian was young he saw what was done to Haley and remains committed to protecting her.

Damian and Haley are very attracted to each other but Haley has not let many get close to her after being kidnapped. She remains very guarded but something is breaking down her defenses with Damian, and both are able to read the other's thoughts, which can get them into trouble at times. Damian and Haley begin to embark on a relationship together but they remain in danger, and the threat is closer to them than they thought.

I loved this book and really enjoyed all of the different relationships between all the characters. Both Damian and Haley have gone through extremely bad relationships and are working their way through their issues, but they both really want each other. There is definitely a lot of suspense in the book to keep you from putting it down!

5 Stars

Paramour For The Devil by Savannah Hill