Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My review of A Royal Mistake by Piper Rayne

Sierra Sanders thinks all of her dreams may be coming true when she wins a date with Prince Adrian Marx from Sandsal. Now if she can only get the promotion at work to move from reporter to anchor everything would fall into place.

Yet Prince Adrian isn't what Sierra expects and soon she finds herself agreeing to let Prince Adrian move into her apartment for the next two months.

Soon Sierra finds herself falling for Adrian more and more but unfortunately there are some aspects of his life that he has kept secrets that are about to be exposed.

This is another awesome book in this series and I absolutely love this group of friends and how the author keeps expanding our "characters" to add more and more great people into our lives!

This was a great story as it gave us a different look at Sierra who we met in the first book as Blanca's best friend and Ethan's ex girlfriend. I liked getting to know Sierra better and learn about her own hopes and dreams. She was definitely focused on improving her career but also had some great friendships with the Rooftop Crew!

I liked Prince Adrian and I completely understood why he wanted to escape what was happening with his family back home as he was being thrown into something he didn't want. Adrian didn't want the type of life that his parents had.

The chemistry between Adrian and Sierra was apparent from their first meeting and at times was absolutely sizzling! I loved how Adrian supported Sierra with what happened when she went to her dad's house!

I must say I was shocked with a new arrival and everything that happened with that. It was interesting to see both Rian and Blanca's opinion on the type of guys that Sierra finds herself attracted to and why. 

I felt bad for Adrian being a pawn in a political family game that he had no interest in and I must say I was very disappointed in how behind the times that his country was. I felt horrible for Sierra and everything she was subjected to when she was there. I was happy when things began to finally turn around!

I was glad that Sierra was able to make some peace after that with what happened to her mom and I was so happy with what happened after!

The end was great and I can't wait to see what happens next with the Rooftop Crew!

5 Stars

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