Thursday, March 12, 2020

My review of The Trophy Wife by Sunday Tomasetti

Cate Cabot works for a high end consignment store and tends to keep people at somewhat of a distance, including her boyfriend of 5 years, Sean. Yet when a customer, Odessa DuVernay, walks into the store the two form an unlikely friendship with Cate dubbing Odessa "The Trophy Wife".

But when Odessa calls Cate and leaves her a message saying she she needs to meet in a panicked voice it leaves Cate worried when Odessa never shows.

When Cate tries to find Odessa she is puzzled as it's like Odessa never existed and Cate vows to get to the bottom of the woman's disappearance.

This was such a great book filled with so many twists and turns so that you never really could guess what was happening until the end of the book and everything was revealed.

I really liked Cate and she was somehow that struggled with letting people get close to her because of her past and so I was happy when she formed a friendship with Odessa. I also was impressed how Cate was determined to track down Odessa when she went missing although I understood why Sean was a little concerned about it. Sean cared so much about Cate but he never pressured her into more than she could give but was always there for her.

Odessa was such a mystery but then you are slowly trying to put together pieces as more characters are involved. I was initially shocked at the behavior of both Charles and Aviva but then I was just left with my jaw down.

The author writes this incredible story that involves a few key characters and every time you think you have a handle on what is happening something happens that makes you rethink it all. I loved the mystery and the fact that I was struggling with figuring everything out!

At a certain point a meeting occurs that fills in all the blanks and I was completely shocked! Then the end was totally surprising and I was a little worried about Cate! I loved how everything made Cate realize how much she loved Sean.

The very end was awesome as I loved the new switch!

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