Thursday, March 12, 2020

My review of The Trade by Meghan Quinn

Cory Potter received the phone call that no baseball player wants to hear - he's being traded to his least favorite team in the whole league after playing 10 years for the Baltimore Storm. Now he's supposed to be happy playing for the Chicago Rebels where the press and the fans hate him and constantly boo him and write bad stories in the press about him.

Yet things get a little better when he meets Natalie, the sister of his teammate Jason Orson. Natalie is in his thoughts constantly until he discovers she's married.

When the two end up on the same vacation together things begin to get tense but when truths are revealed Cory wonders if he may get a shot after all.

But when all the stress gets to Cory what will he be willing to let go of?

This story is another home run for Meghan Quinn!! I loved it from start to finish and I can't wait for whatever she has coming next!

I thought Cory was a great character and I admired him for knowing he was done with flings and really wanted to find a good relationship and settle down. I also felt really sad for him with everything that the press was saying about him and how it was beginning to get to him. He was under immense pressure and he was only human.

Natalie was great and I was proud of her for sticking to her beliefs and doing what was right for her. I loved that she worked for her brother with his charity, The LineUp and how close she was to both of her brothers. I absolutely loved all of the dates and I laughed my way through them all! 

The trip to St.Croix was awesome and full of revelations! I loved how Natalie was trying to show Cory what he was missing and how much Cory was really trying to hold it in and be respectful of Natalie knowing they both wanted different things! Although I think I better start watching The Office as I am like Cory and haven't watched any of it! The last night between them was totally hot and although things went a little sideways after I was happy everything got back on track!

The first big scene at Cory's apartment was awesome and initially my heart completely broke for Cory when he truly put his heart out and then Natalie left!! I also loved how much of a gentleman Cory was and I got why he needed to take it so slow. 

The press was just relentless and was truly getting to Cory and he never told anyone how much it was stressing him out. I felt horrible when the picture of Natalie came out and Cory wanted to do whatever he could to protect her from the press and the fans. The events at Spring Training were horrible and I could tell that Cory just couldn't deal with it anymore and the consequences broke my heart.

Things just kept getting worse for Cory and I hated how much it changed him as a person and where it briefly landed him. I was so happy when his teammates eventually got on board with him and stuck up for him but I could tell how sad he still was.

I was so happy when Cory finally did the right thing and was able to salvage everything!! I definitely did a huge happy dance!!

Can't wait for more from this author and maybe we'll get something on Maddox soon!

5 Stars

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