Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My review of Mine by Natasha Knight and A Zavarelli

Katerina Blake has never had an easy go in life but when she sneaks into a club at 19 on her birthday she ends up in a bad situation but meets a man that she is extremely attracted to. Yet he is involved in a world that he wants her as far away from as possible. Levka Antonov has never had anyone capture attention like Kat has and as much as he wants her, he knows he has to let her go to keep her safe. But one night Katerina sees something she shouldn't and runs. Will Levka find her before anyone else does? OMG this book was soooo good and I didn't want it to end. Now I hate having to wait for the next one! Kat was a great character and I loved her right from the start. It was apparent she had been through so much as a child and just truly seemed to have the worst luck. I liked her friendship with Nina and her roommate Rachel and how Kat really wanted to be a teacher to give back. Lev was a much more complex character as he was truly stuck between his family obligations and what he wanted to do with his own life. I loved how protective he was over Kat instantly and how he knew his lifestyle/job was not one where he wanted her. Yet Lev was also extremely attracted to Kat and couldn't stay away from her initially until he knew it wasn't safe. There was so much chemistry between Kat and Lev and I truly loved them together but I understood that as much as Lev wanted to be with Kat he knew it was too dangerous and therefore let her go not knowing what was going to happen. My heart broke for Kat with the circumstances around Nina and I was happy that she was able to get away but I also knew it wouldn't last forever and she would be found. I was shocked at how mad Lev was initially at Kat for her secret but at the same time I was confused as he had to know why she ran and how she was doing it for Josh. Everything completely got turned upside down with the emergence of Josh and what Vasily, Lev's uncle, wanted done. I knew Lev was completely on borrowed time and I was glad that he had Alexei on his side. I was shocked at some other things that Alexei found and I knew it was a matter of time before things imploded! The end was completely jaw dropping and I am patiently waiting for the next book so I can find out what happened and who survived!!!

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