Friday, March 6, 2020

My review of Emeralds by Annie Dyer

Blair Stewart is struggling with the role her brother was born for, to lead Scotland when her father the King passes away. Now her best friend, lover and personal guard Benjamin Smith is missing and presumed dead. By her side stays Isaac Everleigh whose relation to the British crown makes Blair somewhat concerned about where his loyalties really lay.

As Blair's life is still in danger Isaac must tread carefully as he knows not everything is as it seems and someone is betraying Blair.

Can Isaac keep Blair safe from those who wish to remove her from being the Queen of Scotland?

This book is so bittersweet as I was anxious to see how everything would conclude but at the same time I was sad that the series was coming to an end.

This book was from Isaac's perspective and it was a good way to conclude with all of the issues between England and Scotland and stealing dealing with the aftermath of the proposal of a merger that Blair's brother Lennox had been hoping for. In this book we also see Isaac come from behind the shadows of his brother, William, and father, also William, and take a role in the political scene in England.

I also liked this book from Isaac's view because of what happened with Ben and what Isaac was aware of. Isaac was aware of who Ben's sister was and the threat that she entailed and he was anxious to get to the bottom of everything knowing that Ben was innocent of the things that were being said about him with his apparent death.

When certain things are revealed to Blair I completely understood why she was so mad but I also do think it was the right thing to keep everything so quiet given what was at stake.

I had my suspicions about the spy right from the beginning and I was glad that I was right! I was surprised about why and how everything came to be though! I thought it was pretty ironic with everything else that had happened with a certain other character.

The end was great and I am hating to say goodbye to these characters!!

5 Stars

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