Sunday, February 4, 2018

Secret Ingredient Mongolian Beef

So before kids I had tried Mongolian Beef before and loved it but since having kids it is not something that we have gone out for as the kids rarely pick anywhere but restaurants that have burgers and chicken strips.

I am trying slowly to expand what they eat so I knew that I wanted to try Mongolian Beef again as I had remembered it to be full of flavour! This one was awesome! I may have messed up a little with not cutting the beef into smaller pieces but that is all on me as well as forgetting to make rice. I did remember as I was getting the beef ready and then proceeded to immediately forget. Darn Mom brain! 

The only thing that I skipped in the recipe was adding the sriracha sauce as none of us love heat. So I thought it was absolutely delicious and the funniest part was the picky Mik really liked it where as Bren didn't this time. I thought that was so funny but hopefully it means that she will be trying more things as we go!! 

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