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LOVE TORN by Stacy Eaton

Book 2 of The Twisted Love Series
Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Stacy Eaton
Co-Authored Series with Bestselling Author Amy Manemann

Sunday, May 20, 2018


I made breakfast!!!

For me this is a huge deal as I never seem to be able to make breakfasts on the weekends with all of the sports we usually have. But I managed to sneak in homemade waffles in between two practices and I was super excited!

I had to laugh at my son's reaction of me mixing the two things together - white chocolate chips and blueberries as apparently he is not a huge fan of blueberries. Who knew??

My daughter and I both thought they were great but I must work on the timing of the cooking of the waffles as although they were cooked they were not as "hard" as I thought they should be. This was the first time I have used my waffle iron in at least 5 years so I wasn't expecting to get the timing down right.

I thought these were great and I am really excited to make more waffles soon!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

One More Night - by Jenika Snow

When my sister passed away I adopted her daughter, Dolly, and raised her as my own. We were all we had left in this world and I was going to try my hardest to make sure she never wanted for anything.
That’s why I needed someone I trusted to watch over the most important person in my life. Being a businessman meant I was out of the house a good portion of the day, a necessary evil to provide for Dolly. A live-in nanny would ensure Dolly got the best care possible when I wasn’t with her.
And when I saw Emma for the first time I didn’t just see a caretaker for Dolly. I saw a woman who had every caveman instinct in me rising up like a primal beast. I felt possession and need for Emma the likes of which I’d never experienced before.
I didn’t just want a nanny anymore, I wanted Emma … all of her.
She might think this was just another job, but before our time was up Emma would realize she was mine and I wasn't letting her go.

Warning: Guys, this book is going to give you whiplash for how insta-crazy it is. Talk about a hero who can’t keep his hands off his woman! This may look like a sugary sweet read—and it is—but make no mistake: it’s filthy as hell. We have one alpha hero who instantly falls for the heroine and won’t let her go. Maybe a little obsessive, but hey, that’s what we like.

His other hand pressed against my lower back and I gasped from the searing heat of that lone touch. When he pulled me closer, I groaned, his erection pressed against my belly. We were both frantic with need then, unable to stop what was about to happen.
“This is going to happen,” he said harshly and I could only nod in agreement.
“It’s crazy fast.”
He grunted. “It’s fucking perfect.”
When he broke the kiss to remove my clothes, I didn’t stop him. Once the material was gone our mouths were latched back together. Eyes closed, body lost in feeling, I brought my hands to the front of his slacks and fumbled with the button. I needed him naked, needed him to be pressed up against me in all his hard, powerful maleness.
His erection pressed demandingly against his slacks and all I could think about was what it would feel like to have him inside of me. He kissed me with so much demand I was helpless. Never removing his lips from mine, I was vaguely aware of the sound of his zipper being brought down. And then I felt the scorching-hot length of him press against my belly.
A moan ripped from me.
I had my hands on his shoulders, my nails digging into his body. I needed him impossibly closer. My bra still covered my breasts and I wanted the offending fabric gone. I wanted to feel his skin against mine.
“I need you naked,” I whispered, and pushed his shirt up almost frantically. The air left me when I glanced down at his hard chest. Tattoos covered his golden, muscular flesh.
“I need to have every part of your body on display so I can fucking own it.”
A shiver worked its way over me after he said those deliciously dark words.
I lowered my gaze down to his hard cock and swallowed. He was hung like a fucking monster. Before I could drag my gaze from the sight of his stiff dick, he had his hands pressed right below my ass and was lifting me. He held me for long seconds as he fucked my mouth. And there were no other words to describe exactly what he was doing.

Jenika Snow, a USA Today bestselling author, lives in the northeast with her husband and their children.
She prefers gloomy days, eats the topping off of her pizza first, and prefers to wear socks year round.

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Release Day Blitz - Snow’s Huntsman by Mila Crawford and Aria Cole

She was trapped in a gilded cage, trying to break free. And she finally did, but what she didn’t know was she wouldn’t get far.

Snow was mine even if she didn’t know it yet.  

She’d run. I’d follow.

And once she was mine I wasn’t letting her go. And once Snow White was back I’d show her where she belonged...with me.

Warning: This might be a modern day twist on a classic fairytale, but the heat is extra hot with this one. If you like a safe read with a HEA and possessive hero staking his claim, this one is for you.

I knew she felt my presence before she even turned around and looked at me. It was in the way her body tightened, her back straightening. The wind whipped by and blew her hair over her shoulder and my fingers itched to touch those strands. I stood a few feet behind her, my body strung tight.
What I wanted to do was lift her up and haul her over my shoulder, spank that sweet little ass of hers and tell her she wasn’t ever going to run away again. Despite the fact maybe she didn’t actually run away--that I knew where she was--I needed her by my side always.
“It’s time to come home, Snow.” It took her a few seconds before she finally stood, her back still toward me as she stared out at the ocean. When she did finally turn around and looked at me I had to curl my hands and keep them at my side so I didn’t reach out and pull her in close.
“Says who?” she asked softly, her defiance turning me on.
She was so small compared to me, vulnerable and innocent against my ruthlessness. But I had to be this way in order to make sure she was safe, in order to make sure nothing happened to her.
“I’m tired of being locked away in a gilded cage, Hunter.” Her voice was low, distant. I took a step toward her, inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla that always seemed to surround her. It mixed with the salt in the air, the ocean breeze. “I’m not going to be kept away because my father's afraid of losing me as well.”
Although I wasn’t surprised that she was tired of the life she led, that her father did have a tight rein on her because of his fears, she needed to know that I wouldn’t let her go on her own. I couldn’t, not for my own sanity and not for the sake of letting her live her life.
I wanted her as mine. I could admit I was obsessed with her, possessive of her. The very thought of seeing her with another man infuriated me. I had waited a long time to make Snow mine, and I wouldn’t deviate from that plan. I’d saved myself for her. She belonged to me and me alone.
I didn’t respond to what she said, just needed her to come with me so her father knew she was safe--so I could keep her that way.
“We can discuss this when we get back to the house and your father knows you’re okay.”
“He knows I’m safe because he knew you’d come after me. And you knew exactly where I’d be.”
I held my hand out to her without responding. She stared at it for long seconds before slipping her much smaller one against my palm. Her skin was warm, her fingers fragile. I curled the digits around hers and pulled her in a little bit closer. Although our bodies didn’t touch I could feel her heat seep into mine.
“He has to understand I’ll leave at some point. I can’t be by his side all the time. I have to live my life.”
I stared into her eyes. “I know.”

Mila Crawford

Mila Crawford is a book lover and has been around them one way or another her whole life. She is a fan of happily ever afters, sassy heroines, over the top alphas, and most of all safe reads.

Aria Cole

Aria Cole is a thirty-something housewife who once felt bad for reading dirty books late at night, until she decided to write her own. Possessive alpha men and the sassy heroines who love them are common, along with a healthy dose of irresistible insta-love and happily ever afters so sweet your teeth may ache.

For a safe, off-the-charts HOT, and always HEA story that doesn't take a lifetime to read, get lost in an Aria Cole book!
Follow Aria on Amazon for new release updates, or stalk her on Facebook and Twitter to see which daring book boyfriend she's writing next!

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My review of Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead) (The Elite Kings Club, #3) by Amo Jones

This is the third book in the series and they need to be read in order!

Madison Montgomery has just had some major secrets revealed and now has to deal with the aftermath. Madison is struggling with her relationship with Bishop and trying to find her place in his life.

When it is clear that the Kings may have issue with Katsia what will they discover when they go to Perdita?

This is such an incredible series and I don't want to stop reading once I start!

This book continued with secrets being revealed and many twists and turns that I did not expect.

I loved how things seemed to be more stable between Bishop and Madison and that they genuinely care for each other and I definitely loved Scarlett, Bishop's mom.

I was a little confused with what happened on Perdita as I thought certain things happened but then everything seemed to be ok with certain people.

I was shocked for sure with Tillie and I was not expecting what happened at the end of the book with her.

I am definitely hoping that there is a change in The Elite Kings in regards to the Silver Swans and I am so excited that there will be another book!!

5 Stars