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Sweet Talk by S.L. Scott Audio Tour

TITLE: Sweet Talk

AUTHOR: S.L. Scott

GENRE: Romantic Comedy



From the New York Times Bestselling Author that brought you The Resistance comes this sexy romantic comedy standalone.

Everything you’ve heard about modeling is true, and you haven’t heard the half of it.

It’s glamorous.

It’s sexy.

And yes, the line between work and reality often blurs.

We’re not just prototypes of perfection. Models have feelings and desires, too. We may be genetically gifted, but we’re still human.

I’m only human. Yes, an extraordinary specimen that earns more in a day than most make in a year, but this eight pack didn’t create itself. I spend hours working on this body. The good looks just come natural. *Winks* Thanks, Mom and Dad.

I’m Danny Weston, Supermodel.

But one path was traded for another when I chose this career. Ten years later, I would trade my career to have it back. To have her back.

Reese Carmichael is the one woman I would give it all up for, and the only one I can’t have. Yet.



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“GOD, I WANT you, Danny,” Simone whispers into my ear. She licks just below it before sliding down over my jaw and biting me.

My hold tightens around her hips, steadying her. I should have seen the bite coming. They all do it, assuming they have to do something extreme to be sexy, to get my attention. Like every other time it happens, I pull back and run my fingers into her hair at the nape of her neck, then tighten my grip.

She gasps and digs her nails into my shoulders while the innocence she’s trying to portray in her eyes fails under the skepticism found in mine. Our bodies are pressed together and heated, the fan not strong enough to cool us down.

Tilting her head back, I kiss the divot at the bottom of her neck, then lick from base to chin, taking my sweet time. Simone’s back arches, pushing her breasts against my chest and she moans in pleasure.

“That is so hot. Keep it up,” a voice intrudes.

Simone sighs, irritated, and pulls away. I turn to the photographer’s assistant standing at the edge of the set just as Simone reveals her frustration by leaning back and swinging her leg over me to stand up. Leisurely, my gaze slides up her lean legs. She’s taller than most women and the heels she’s wearing add another good five inches. Appreciating her physique, I smile and recline back with my hands behind my head while watching her adjust the strings at her hips. Her head snaps up and her eyes narrow on the assistant off set. “If you want us to keep it up, then shut up next time.” She storms off, her shoes clacking loudly against the gray cement floor.

Knowing an angry model needs time, I sit up, and ask, “How much time do we have?”

Everyone is well aware that the mood has changed on the set. Worry creases the assistant’s brow when he answers, “I think, umm… five or ten minutes.”

The guy’s anxiety rolls like waves crashing around me. Feeling bad for him, I reassure, “Don’t worry about her. She’ll be fine. Just give her a few minutes to cool down.”

“Thanks.” He smiles though it’s weak. “Are you doing all right?”

I smile genuinely while standing up. “Yeah, I’m good. Thanks.” When I start to walk, the knit boxer briefs I’m wearing for the shoot tighten uncomfortably, so I stop to adjust. They’re a size too small, so I grab my cock and shift. “Actually, I could use a larger size. These are cutting off my blood circulation down here.”

Before the assistant can respond, two women suddenly appear from the darkened side of the large loft. A cute, petite blonde offers, “Let me take a look. Maybe I can help.” She’s bold, not shy like I would have guessed from the librarian look she’s chosen.

The other lady—taller with some gray strands running through her dark hair—seems new to the modeling world. She stands there staring below my waist, and by the way she’s ogling me, I’m guessing she might be new to naked men in general. Maybe she’s never worked on an underwear campaign before. She clears her throat and finds her voice. “They fit around the waist so I can add more material, if you’d like? But I’ll need them to do that.”

Bypassing the first offer, I accept the second. This is my job. I’m a pro, a model, and used to being naked in front of strangers, so I drop my drawers. I bend down to get them, and when I stand back up I’m greeted with two mouths hanging wide open. “Ladies, you’re gonna make me feel shy,” I tease. I’m not shy at all.

Lifting their chins until both their mouths are closed, I chuckle as they continue to stare unabashedly. The taller woman says, “Oh you have nothing to be shy about.”

“Absolutely nothing,” the blonde adds insistently.

“Thanks,” I reply, my voice it’s usual charm. I hand the boxers to the lady and walk off set to grab my robe. When I slip it on, Becs from wardrobe approaches and says, “I can add some room in there for you. I’ll have them back in ten minutes.”

“I already gave them to the seamstress.”

“What seamstress?” she asks.

“The one over there.” When I turn to the set, they’ve vanished. Scanning the loft from one side to the other, the two women are nowhere to be found. “She was just here with a blonde lady.” Perplexed I scan again. “I have no idea where they went.”

Becs rolls her eyes, shakes her head, and sighs loudly. “Good grief. Not again.” Turning on her heels, she yells out, “Security. We’ve had another breach.” With her eyes narrowed on my waist, she adds, “Tighten the belt. You don’t want anyone selling a photo of your frank ‘n beans to the highest bidder.” Her mood lightening, she smiles and shrugs. “Or maybe you do. I’ll get your next wardrobe change—”

I laugh but point to my privates. “Extra roomy.” Becs waves her hand in the air while walking off.

“Yeah. Yeah. I got it.”




Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She's obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she's a pro.











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My review of The Mother-In-Law by Judy Moore

Victoria Verducci has been in Las Vegas for a work conference where she meets Brad Reynolds, a single dad who she begins to hang out with every day. Before the conference is over Brad asks her to marry him and transfer from San Diego to Florida to be with him.

But when Victoria arrives in Florida she realizes things are completely different than she expected with her mother-in-law, Madeline, living in the house. Victoria is frustrated with Brad not standing up to his mother and the lies his mom is telling, setting her up to fail.

Will Victoria be able to convince Brad to move before it's too late?

This was a good book that you have figured out right from the beginning what was going on and what had happened in the past but you need to know if Victoria will be the one to get away this time or defeat Madeline at her game.

Victoria truly had no idea on what she was walking into and I was definitely mad at Brad for not having the guts to tell her ahead of time. Victoria was caring and was trying to do the right thing but nothing she did was good enough for Madeline.

Initially I liked Brad but that went downhill pretty fast when they returned to Florida. But there were a couple of incidents that Madeline was hanging over Brad's head which made him afraid to stick up for himself or Victoria.

I really liked Brad's neighbor, William, and how he let Victoria in on the past which filled in some gaps for her.

The ending was pretty intense and I definitely did not see a few of the things coming!

Good mystery!

4 Stars


by Judy Moore

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mini Baked Pancakes

Sunday morning breakfast time! Well, maybe in our house it means more of brunch since Mik doesn't seem to get up until after 11am. Bren and I patiently wait for her to come up and start making her breakfast so we can finally eat after being up for hours waiting!

This one was super funny as Mik picked it out but then had no idea that the pancakes were cooked in mini muffin tins and not in a fry pan.

I absolutely loved this idea and will definitely make them again as the leftovers are great for the kids to eat through the week. We didn't have a whole lot of leftovers as Bren absolutely loved them and was snacking on them through the day.

So we followed the instructions that were set out. I think the only thing I would do a bit different is wait a bit for the butter to cool before mixing it with the milk as it was a bit more lumpy and Mik was grossed out. For toppings we only added white and milk chocolate chips but the possibilities are endless!!

Loved them!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

My review of Sick Fux by Tillie Cole

Ellis Earnshaw was always infatuated with Alice in Wonderland as a girl. She was innocent and yet formed a friendship with Heathen James, a boy who liked to watch things die. Yet the two formed an extremely tight friendship that was suddenly destroyed by some evil men.

11 years later Heathen has come back for Ellis and finds her a shell of her old self. Will Heathen and Ellis destroy the men that destroyed their lives? Will they be stopped before they finish their adventure?

This was an incredibly dark and amazing ride that takes the reader on an adventure that they were unsure how it was going to end. The book deals with incredibly dark subjects that may be difficult for some readers.

At first I had no idea on what was going to happen and everything is going on great until the book takes a sharp turn and goes so dark and I was so mad at what was happening to Ellis and Heathen. It blew my mind how twisted Ellis's dad and his friends were.

When Heathen escapes his prison he comes to rescue Ellis and sees how bad off she is. The two go on a huge "adventure" to clean up their past and seek revenge on those that took something from them.

I think one part of the book that blew my mind was how ok I was with Ellis and Heathen seeking revenge and their actions. I was crossing my fingers that they would make it out ok at the end.

This was such a dark and twisted story that I absolutely loved and can't wait for another from this author!!

5 Stars