Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My review of Unwritten Rules by Jordan Marie

Marcum Kincaid runs the Steel Vipers MC and is done with relationships after his last one with Cherry. He now focuses on his kids and the club and making sure he gets paid.

When Weasel doesn't pay his debts to Marcum, he takes his daughter, Toi, as payment and to keep her safe. When Marcum discovers that Toi has difficulty talking, he knows that Toi has not been treated well by her father.

But Marcum knows that he can't have Toi as she is too young and innocent for him but he can't stop wanting her. When it is clear that something is going on within his club and someone has betrayed him, how far will he go to keep Toi safe?

This was such a great book and I did not want to put it down once I started!

I thought Marcum was such a great character and pure alpha male. Although I must admit that I was mad at him in regards to Toi's voice as he was getting so mad at her before knowing what had happened to her.

Toi was such a great character as she was innocent in a certain way but was so aware of how cruel the world was in another sense. She tried so hard with Marcum's kids, Desi and Harley, and it broke my heart with how Harley treated her.

The twists and turns involving Cherry, Toi and Weasel were awesome and although I was certain I knew how some things were going to turn out I did not see some other things coming.

The end was awesome and I knew deep down how things would end I had to hold my breath to make sure!

I am really looking forward to more in this series!!

5 Stars

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