Monday, February 12, 2018

My review of Stripping a Steele by Elizabeth Knox

Selena Jacobson has been raising her siblings since she was 17 and her dad died. Her mom ran off after the birth of 3 year old Ellie and Selena works hard to try and provide for them but money is tight. She works as a school secretary during the day and on Friday nights she dances at the strip club, Russo's.

Christian Steele works with his brothers at Steele Enterprises as the "muscle" of the group. When his brother organizes a meeting Russo's with Matteo Varca, Christian comes face to face with his mystery girl whom he met previously but then she disappeared and he vows not to let her disappear again.

But Christian is a powerful man and when he discovers that someone hurt Selena how far will he go to protect her? Will Selena accept help from Christian when she is so used to doing everything on her own?

This is the second book in the series and I wish I had read Tough As Steele first as I think it would have given me a little more insight in a few things. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

I thought Selena was such an awesome character and I loved that she was not looking for any handouts and really worked her butt off to provide for her siblings. She was so feisty when she dealt with Christian at the beginning and you could see that she was determined to make it without him. My heart absolutely broke for her with what happened in her dressing room and I was so mad at Frankie.

Christian was interesting as it was obvious he could have any girl he wanted yet he fall for the struggling girl trying to make it. I loved that and I loved how he knew that he was going to have her at any cost. He wanted to make her life easier as he knew how much of her own life that she sacrificed.

I loved the beginning of their relationship and how it evolved into more. I also really liked that he protected her without her knowing as he was in the press so much and did not want her privacy compromised.

I loved the twists and turns involving his job and the preview into the next book looks fantastic!

5 Stars

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