Thursday, February 15, 2018

My review of Dangerous Moves by Karen Rock

Detective Blake Knight is going back undercover for a job after being heavily involved in a drug bust but he is shocked when his boss tells him he will now go as a stripper for the male strip club "Dallas Heat".

Reese Landon had no desire to come home ever again but when her father is shot and lying in a coma she must run his business and pick up the pieces.

Blake must discover how deep Reese is with her father's business but soon it is clear that Reese's life is in danger and that she has no idea what is going on. Reese herself must discover who to trust and what is going on and who wants her dead.

As things begin to heat up between Reese and Blake, Blake has to figure out a line to draw and can he protect Reese while still trying to get to the bottom of who is trying to kill her while his heart is involved?

This was such a great book filled with lots of mystery and intrigue from start to finish.

Blake was a great detective and knew what he was after but had no idea how much he would fall for Reese. He wanted to keep her safe but knew at a certain point he had to tell her some of what was going on.

Reese was awesome and I hated that she came back to the mess that she did. I was sad at a certain part that she did not trust her intuition as she knew something was not right but just could not put her finger on it. She was told to leave town after an incident in the past and I had a feeling things would be connected.

I knew by 25% in some of the characters involved but I had to wait and see whether or not I was right and how things would turn out. I was not disappointed in the least to have figured it out as I knew there would still be a couple of twists and turns!

This was a great read and I look forward to more from this author!

4.5 Stars

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