Friday, February 9, 2018

My review of A Pinot For Your Thoughts by Pamela Gibson

Beth Sawyer has inherited a house from her well loved Grandma and she believes all of her luck may have just turned around. Unfortunately there are things that she she did not know about her grandma and soon she realizes her luck may be more bad than good. Her first line of business is to kick out all of the tenants so she can start a Bed and Breakfast to bring in some needed revenue.

Aiden Reynoso is a reporter who lives on the property and he has been approached by the other tenants to be their voice against Beth. Soon Aiden begins his own investigating and realizes there is more to the house than what many realize.

In the past Aiden and Beth had a brief relationship and will they discover that they still have feelings for each other? Will Aiden be able to help Beth or is he just using her to continue living where he is?

I really enjoyed this book with the mystery and romance! This is the first time I have read this author and it won't be my last.

I felt so bad for Beth with what she discovered and I was so shocked at the situation that her grandma had gotten herself into. She was definitely in over her head with everything to do with the house and it was awful that she could lose everything before it was even hers.

I really liked Aiden and it was obvious he had his ghosts from what he had gone through overseas. I felt as though he was torn a little between what the other tenants expected him to do with Beth and what he wanted to do himself. I was definitely curious if going into the hole would have any repercussions for him.

I was not surprised at all that things heated up between Aiden and Beth as it was obvious they still had feelings for each other.

I loved some of the twists and turns that the book provided and I was definitely shocked by the ending and I thought it was great!

4 Stars

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