Monday, February 26, 2018

My review of Pitch His Tent by Jordan Marie and Jenika Snow

Lexi Clark has decided to go camping to clear her head after her break-up with Eddie and having him flaunt his new relationship in her face. Although she knows absolutely nothing about camping she wants the fresh air and hopefully a chance to move on from Beau Sterling, her brother's best friend whom she has been in love with for years.

Beau Sterling has just been discharged from the army after being injured from shrapnel. For years he has been secretly in love with Lexi but knows he can't have her due to her being the little sister of Brooks.

Yet when the two end up at the same campground will they be able to figure out their feelings once and for all?

This is another fun and hot novella by two great authors!

I liked Lexi and I loved that she went camping with really having no clue on what she was doing yet she was determined to make a go of it! I loved that she decided what she wanted and went for it!

Beau was so conflicted at the beginning between his loyalty to Brooks and his feelings for Lexi as he knew once he had her then he would never give her up! The two were so hot together!

I loved how Beau stood up to Brooks for going at Lexi!! His speech at the end was so swoon-worthy!

4 Stars

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