Monday, February 19, 2018

My review of Candy Coated Chaos by Charity B

Alexander Sorensen is the CEO of Vultures Theatres and is a well known ladies man with no regrets. When he sees a girl in his building there is something about her that intrigues him and he wants to get to know her better.

Tavin Winters has a lot of baggage and she accepts one date with Alexander to see what life would be like with someone like him. There are marks all over Tavin's body and Alexander knows she has been through so much but doesn't know what or how to help her but in the morning she is gone.

Tavin's life is so different than Alexander's and will he understand the ups and downs that she is facing and Alexander will have to make amends in his own life if he is to help Tavin. But sometimes people don't want help.

This was an emotional and incredible book but it will not be for everyone as it involves drug use, tough sexual situations and a few other things that could be triggers for some.

I thought Alexander was so interesting as he definitely got around and had no issues with it at all yet he had issues with what Tavin had done. I found that such a contradiction yet so many people do and our society views women so differently than men. Yet when he saw Tavin he was so drawn to her and wanted to help her clean up his life because that is what he wanted for her.

Tavin was such an amazing character who had her ups and downs but she was in a life that she had trouble escaping from as that is what she had grown up with. She began doing drugs at such a young age and then needed them to get through what she had to do. She loved her life with Alexander and being clean but she also knew the punishment from Logan was coming.

I liked how Alexander got help from Sasha and how Tavin could turn to Sasha for help with everything.

The sex between Alexander and Tavin was scary in a way as I was just so blown away by what Tavin needed. It was so dangerous and I hated what others did to her.

I felt bad for Alexander at the end with how everything went down as I knew he had given it what he could. I am super curious to see what happens next!!

5 Stars

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