Friday, February 23, 2018

My review of Anguish by JJ Ellis

Ben Harper feels like his life is spinning out of control. He has just been diagnosed with depression and his best friend, James "JC" Croft has just moved with his family to California. His other best friend and cousin, Abby, is returning home and he is left on his own. Now he is struggling with having feelings for JC and knows that he is gay but is scared to lose his friendship with JC.

As Ben struggles with everything he is going through he also has to face everything with JC who is coming to terms with his own sexuality and being afraid if what others will think.

Can Ben rise above his own demons with the help of Abby and JC or will the pressure get to him?

This was such an amazing and heartbreaking read of what many people go through in life. The book takes a good look at depression and the ups and downs that medication provides and also how someone comes to terms with their own sexuality in a small town where being different is not a good thing.

My heart just broke for Ben from the moment the book began with everything that he was facing. He found an outlet with drawing but while his depression really allowed his creativity to come out it was also allowing him to go to a super dark place that no one else was really aware of.

Ben's relationship with JC was complex as they were best friends for so long but living in a small town also made it hard for them to figure out what they wanted. Every time you thought they were getting somewhere something would happen and JC would be afraid.

I was really not expecting the twist with Jenny but after it happened I was not surprised at all about what occurred.

The ending was such a twist and I was left broken for sure! I was so mad at JC's mom for keeping her own secret which explained everything to everyone and I was frustrated that it took so long to find.

Such a great read but an emotional roller-coaster!

5 Stars

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