Saturday, June 24, 2017

My review of Working With It by Cass Alexander

Morgan Pottinger is attending the school Persimmon with hopes of doing a semester abroad in Italy. She is kind of dating her high school boyfriend Alex Sandford but it's one of those relationships when they are home together they are dating and while they are off at school they aren't. Morgan is also a bit of a klutz and can't help but walk into walls and other hilarious things that keep the laughs going.

Nathaniel Stevenson is the future valedictorian and extremely good looking. Morgan is shocked to learn that Nate is attracted to her but unfortunately can't go any further than "friends" when she is still with Alex.

Unfortunately a series of events with Alex leave Morgan wondering if she will ever be able to end things with him or if she will end up married by the time the year is up.

This book was so full of laughs mixed with a few serious moments to keep your heart jumping from one event to the next. This was the first time I have read this author and it definitely won't be my last.

Morgan was such a great character that left me laughing so many times. From her underwear to walking into walls she always provided such comic relief. Yet she was also a girl with a huge problem - Alex. I felt bad with what she had to deal with from Alex's psycho mom, Agnes. But Morgan did not want to cheat on Alex with Nate even though she believed that they weren't even together.

Nate was such a great character too and I liked how he was super smart and hot at the same time. I thought his scenes with Maya were funny as she really wanted him. Yet he was trying to be the perfect gentleman with Morgan and wait until she was single.

Nate and Morgan together were awesome and you know it would be filled with laughter! I am really looking forward to more books with these characters!

4 Stars

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