Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My review of Just Until Morning by Dani Wyatt

Lincoln Kirk is a high roller in the poker world with owning many clubs where the stakes are high. He believes he has it all until he sets his eyes on a certain woman one night in one of his clubs. He knows he has to have her at all costs.

Holli Halliday is 21 and is playing in poker games in order to pay for her tuition for Forensics. Yet when she loses big one night she agrees to spend one night with Lincoln Kirk in order to forigve what she owes. Her only stipulation is no sex.

When sparks fly that first night will Holli be willing to give Lincoln more?

Soon Holli finds herself in more trouble when she learns the money she gave her roommate for rent has been spent and she finds herself in dire consequences. Will she be able to figure things out for herself or will she give into Lucas for more time?

This was a great book at finding love when you least expect it and how to get some help when you really need it.

Holli was proud and was really trying to get money the quickest way she could to pay for school and other living expenses. Yet she needs to figure out what to do when she hits rock bottom. I liked that she lived a little out on the edge when she hits rock bottom.

Lincoln wanted to Holli as soon as he saw her but could only convince her to give him one night. Yet fate was definitely on his side when he was able to help Holli out again.

There was definitely a few things that I did not see coming and was super excited about the twists that shocked me!

4 Stars

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