Saturday, June 24, 2017

My review of It Happened at the Park by Ryan Jo Summers

Cassidy Grant's sister has just died and left her in charge of her two dogs, Tessa and Remi. Cassidy has no clue on what to do with the two dogs and is pretty sure that her sister treated them more like babies than actual pets.

Cassidy works long hours for the Mayor, I.R. King, as a planner and her current job is to locate the cartoonist, Salty Kidd, who is negatively affecting King's attempts at getting re-elected.

When Cassidy meets Ethan Sheppard at the dog park she is hoping her chances at romance may actually be on the rise. He is smart, great with dogs and extremely good looking. When Cassidy learns that Ethan works at the Gazette she is hoping that he may lead her to the cartoonist they are after before she loses her job over it.

Now Ethan is faced with his own dilemma - lose the secret identity or lose the girl.

I enjoyed this book but at times found it a little slow moving. There was a large emphasis on the dogs which I can understand but for me personally it didn't hold much of an interest when she mentions painting the dogs nails.

I liked Cassidy Grant but didn't like that she seemed to only have the mayor in a certain light and never saw anything wrong with the things that he did, which did bother me. It wasn't until the very end of the book that she finally stuck up for herself and it blew my mind that her own job was at risk for finding out who the cartoonist was.

I liked how Cassidy and Grant came together. They definitely had some laughs while they were at the dog park. Grant was extremely helpful with the dogs and taught/showed Cassidy what they were capable of doing.

I really liked Grant and I was mad that he put his own job on the line so that nothing would happen to Cassidy. I wasn't very happy with that as it truly wasn't fair that Cassidy was put in that position in the first place and that Grant gave up his own dreams for her.

I know love wins but there was definitely a lot of sacrifice!!

3.5 Stars

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