Friday, June 9, 2017

My review of Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams

When Hayden Hayes moves to New York from Hastings, Nebraska she is broke but luckily has already found a roommate. Yet when she meets her roommate nothing prepares her from Soren Decker, whom she quickly discovers has completely over exaggerated their living space. Yet she discovers he is also very willing to help her out as she works at becoming a model under Ellis Lawson.

Hayden knows she is extremely attracted to Soren, an aspiring baseball player but is unsure where she wants their relationship to go. As the two become closer Soren becomes more possessive and concerned about her welfare, in a caring manner.

But jealousy is cruel and can tear anything apart.

I really enjoyed this book and watching the relationship between Soren and Hayden evolve from almost a detest to something way more. One thing that I loved was that it was so gradual and real compared to a quick thing where they meet and then are together. This book had ups and downs that were real and it made the book so good!

I loved how naive Hayden was when she arrived in New York. She had no money to her name and really wasn't looking for handouts and was so grateful for the $20 from Soren and then the advance from Ellis. I was super worried that a few things with Ellis would really come back to haunt her more than what happened. I hated the way she tried to drive Soren away, feeling like he was going to leave her which he never wanted to do until she managed to break his heart and push him away. It felt like she almost wanted to sabotage her own happiness just to prove herself right.

Soren started off as such a cocky jerk and I absolutely loved everything he did to try and win Hayden over. He and his towel, and sometimes lack of, made me laugh so hard and it was so great! He worked his butt off between baseball, work and school and he had no life outside of that. It was awesome to see his dedication and I loved when they both went to visit his parents!

I totally wasn't expecting a few of the revelations between the two and I honestly loved how the two initially worked together. Unfortunately the distance between them and the jealousy ultimately ended things but you knew how much they both still loved the other.

Great book and I look forward to more from this author!!

4.5 Stars

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