Thursday, June 22, 2017

My review of An Unlikely Bride by Nadia Lee

This is the second book in this series and An Unlikely Deal needs to be read first.

Ava Huss has just got a job in LA at a medical center and hopes this will provide her with a new start away from Lucas. But fate has different plans for Ava as she soon realizes when she spots Lucas at the opening for the medical center she has just started working at.

Lucas Reed is a billionaire but all the money in the world can't seem to bring him closer to Ava. He tries to do anything and everything to show Ava how much he loves her but he can't seem to get through to her and break down her walls.

When Lucas's sister, Elizabeth, helps Ava to see things from a different angle will she allow Lucas back in and finally reveal the secrets she has been hiding? Or will her secrets be revealed by another hoping to gain favor with Lucas?

So I was definitely still mad at Ava after what happened in the last book and I felt as though she had a lot to make up for. Lucas was trying so hard but she wasn't allowing him a chance.

In this book we are able to see that Ava still does love Lucas and Elizabeth really helps her see that her love with Lucas is worth a chance and worth fighting for. I didn't know how Ava's secrets were revealed but I definitely knew that there was a chance that things could explode for Ava and Lucas.

It was funny how much Ava did a complete turn about with the painting to help Lucas but Lucas really didn't care about the money. I loved that side of him and I truly think it showed how genuine he was about their relationship.

It was interesting to see how Ava was more worried about Darcy and Ray and how they were dealing with everything. Yet both Darcy and Ray had different ideas about what they wanted in regards to Mia and the truth.

The ending was great and I was glad to see how everything worked out. I hope to see Elizabeth in a book soon!!

4 Stars

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