Friday, June 30, 2017

My review of Holden (Dark Grove Plantation) by Julia Sykes

Holly has been brought up to be a proper Southern lady but lately she has been reading books about BDSM and really wants to see what it is about. Her boyfriend Brad invites her to go to the Dark Grove Plantation BDSM club. But will they both interpret BDSM the same way?

Holden spots Holly and knows instantly that she is who he has been waiting for. But will he get a chance to let her know?

As tensions mount between Holly and Brad will Holden come to Holly's rescue? Will Brad be able to let Holly go?

This was a quick read and full of hot tension and sex!

I liked that Holly was naive to a certain degree and honestly torn about how she felt about going into a BDSM club. She was excited and nervous at the same time but soon realized how differently she and Brad viewed it.

Holden was somewhat of a savior for Holly and then he also became her teacher. Their time together was definitely hot!! I was glad that he was there for Holly when she needed it the most!

Brad definitely got what he deserved in the end!

4 Stars

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