Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My review of Unforgiven (Sins and Secrets: Series of Duets #2) by Willow Winters

This is the second book in this series and Imperfect needs to be read first.

Mason Thatcher will do everything he can to get Julia to stay with him, even if that means keeping her a prisoner in his home. Yet he believes he is doing this to protect her from his father and from whomever knows the truth about what happened that night with Jace.

Julia Summers hates Mason for what he did to her life, even if the life she was living was a lie. She thinks he is dangerous but she has no idea how far his father's reach goes. When Julia learns that Mason may actually be telling the truth about the danger she is in will she let him protect her?

Can Julia and Mason figure out who knows the truth and who is after them? Will they ever be able to move on from the lies and find the love they once had?

This conclusion was awesome! Once again there were twists and turns and just when you think you know in your mind who is guilty something happens that makes you doubt everything again.

I do believe Julia's life was in danger due to what people thought she knew about previous events with Avery and Jace. She was an unknown loose end that had to be dealt with before things got out. She was vulnerable yet at the same time almost got stronger in this book as she knew what she would and wouldn't settle for. I think she also really came to terms that Mason would do absolutely anything to protect her.

Mason knew he was in love with Julia but was also aware that her life was in danger and was going to keep her away from everyone to keep her safe. But he also knew that at some point he couldn't keep her away from everyone and she would have to decide if she wanted to be with him or not.

The twists and turns kept you involved in the book and you wondered if Mason and Julia would be able to reclaim their love again.

The ending was awesome and I look forward to more from this author!

5 Stars

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