Friday, June 2, 2017

My review of Dark Lord of the Night by S.K. Ryder

This is the second book in this series

Dominic Marchant is a vampire and in love with Cassidy Chandler, an editor of the Orcahrd Beach Gazette. When another vampire is in Dominic's territory he will do what he can to protect those he cares about, including forming an unlikely partnership with Jackson Striker, a vampire hunter.

Will Dominic, Jackson and all of their friends be able to save themselves from who is after them in time or will they now become the hunted?

As mentioned above this is the second book in the series and I wasn't aware that there was a first one but as I began to read I felt like I was missing a bunch of the back story. I was able to read the book and understand what was happening but I did feel like I was missing out on the past so I do recommend reading book one first.

Dominic was swoon worthy with his French accent and protectiveness over Cassidy but at the same time he was realistic in who he was battling and knew that he couldn't do it on his own. I loved that he asked for help from his enemy knowing that he may not survive the battle but as long as Cassidy did he was ok with it.

I had no idea if Cassidy was going to be turned into a vampire or not and that definitely kept me into the book. I loved her spunk and her friendship with Samantha Reynolds.

This book definitely had many interesting characters but I wish I had read the other book first!

4 Stars

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