Sunday, June 18, 2017

Coconut Thai Chicken

This was one of those means that I was really looking forward to. I haven't made many ethnic dishes with the kids but I really love coconut and I absolutely love pad thai. This one came from my Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook which seems to make dishes I love or that completely didn't work for me.

Unfortunately I was so disappointed in this meal and I don't know if it's because of the little change that I made. The change I made was that I didn't add the special noodles that it called for into the crock pot as I didn't have them. I'm sure I could have substituted something but I wasn't sure what so instead I served it over pasta. I found it was quite runny which would have been used had I put the noodles into it.

One thing I found was that there wasn't as much flavour to it as I was expecting. I found it very bland and I'm sure I could have upped the thai curry flavor if I made it again. The kids definitely didn't like it and I really don't think it was because it was "thai" but that it was actually lacking some flavor.

Sort of getting disappointed in meals not working the way I want them too but I am definitely not giving up!!

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