Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My review of Alpha Male (A Real Man, 14) by Jenika Snow

Lachlan Stone's job is to be a bodyguard for Layla Lancaster whose dad is a Senator. The only problem is that over the past two years his feelings for Layla have grown and he realizes how much he cares about her.

Layla Stevens is going to college and is trying to enjoy the college life. Her only problem is wanting the one man she can't have - her bodyguard.

When one night things cross the line will the two be able to figure out what the future holds and follow their hearts or will they be forced to live apart?

This is another great quick read from Ms.Snow that gets your heart pumping with romance and hot sex.

I loved that both Layla and Lachlan had developed feelings for each other through the years yet neither crossed a line. Yet when a line was crossed by someone else it led to Layla and Lachlan exploring their feelings for one another.

I thought the epilogue was great!

4 Stars

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