Monday, June 5, 2017

My review of Fighting For Your Touch by Nikki Ash

Caleb Michaels did not have an easy go growing up after his sister and mother both died. When his dad remarries his life takes a quick turn downhill and he is forced to leave. He has no trust in women except two girls - Kayla and Liz who are girlfriends/wives of his best friends.

Hayley Roberts works at the gym Coopers that Caleb trains at. She is best friends with Liz and Kayla and extremely attracted to Cooper although she doesn't understand why he pushes her away so much.

When Caleb and Hayley bond over a boy named Marco they have no idea how much trouble they are going to find themselves in. Yet as both fight their attraction to the other will they discover that they are stronger together or apart?

I really enjoyed this book and this close group of friends.

I liked Caleb for what he had to overcome and completely understood his lack of trust in women. I was definitely shocked at how long his break from women was but I got why he was hesitant to enter into a relationship. I loved the bond between he and Marco but I was definitely scared at what was going to happen with all the gang stuff.

Hayley was super confused about Caleb until she heard about his past and began to put everything together. But up until then she began to date other people not knowing how Caleb felt about her. I loved what she was willing to do to help Marco although it ended up putting her in so much danger.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Caleb and Hayley and how everything went between the two of them. I was mad when he began to pull away again but then he ended up blaming himself for everything which created more problems again.

This is a great series and I can't wait to read the next one!

4 Stars

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