Friday, June 23, 2017

My review of Running Hot (Hell Ryders MC #2) by J.L. Sheppard

Thomas "Cuss" Layne has been in love with Tiffany Hamilton for years. But as part of the Hell Ryders MC he's not exactly who Robert Hamilton would pick out for Tiffany.

But when Robert comes to Thomas looking for help dealing with a stalker for Tiffany he agrees right away. Only he's not planning on walking away like Robert wants him to.

As Thomas and Tiffany try to figure out what their "relationship" is they face pressures from her family and Thomas is worried about Tiffany's safety due to an issue with a rival MC, Chained. Do Thomas and Tiffany have a chance at happy ever after with so much in their way?

This was the first book I have read from this author and it won't be my last.

This story is about a bad boy and rich girl who have both had feelings for the other for so many years and they were destined to be together, except that they faced so many obstacles to get to their future.

Thomas wanted to protect Tiffany and he was mad that her dad contacted him and not Tiffany to deal with her stalker. Tiffany has tried to move on from her thoughts of Thomas and found a great guy in Mark but she just couldn't get over her thoughts of Thomas.

The problem for Tiffany was that her parents did not approve of Thomas at all and she was at risk to lose everything if she chose him. For Thomas he wanted to keep Tiffany safe and as a member of a MC that put her in danger which destroyed Thomas.

Yet love has a way of winning and although the ending had me worried I was glad to see how things ended up.

3.5 Stars

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