Monday, June 12, 2017

My review of The Last Guy by Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise

Rebecca Fieldstone is a reporter for KHOT news and has aspirations of becoming the next anchor on the evening news. The problem is that lately she seems to be overlooked by the new hire or something goes wrong when she is reporting on air.

Cade Hill is the new sports director and the former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons until an injury forced him to retire. He knows how good of a job that Rebecca does and doesn't understand why her boss, Marv seems to want to move her behind the scenes to production. He is extremely attracted to the feisty Rebecca but doesn't want to cross the lines at the workplace.

Rebecca knows deep down she wants Cade and figures one night with him won't hurt. But what happens when Cade wants more than Rebecca is prepared to give him?

This was such a great fun read that had me laughing at some parts and so frustrated at office politics at other points.

I really loved that Rebecca truly seemed like a "normal" person with a few curves and definitely not living a perfect life. Her main goal is becoming an anchor and she truly doesn't understand why it seems like her boss Marv has suddenly turned against her. I loved her scene with the monkey - so many laughs! She works hard but is terrified of getting her heart broken by Cade or any other man after her ex.

Cade was awesome and I wasn't expecting him to be such a gentleman!! He truly turned out to be a great guy and I felt so bad for him every time that his ex, Maggie Grace showed up. I loved how he was trying to tell Rebecca how he felt and that he would wait for as long as she needed him to. I felt bad for him when Marv turned on him and could have cost him so much.

I absolutely loved the chemistry between Cade and Rebecca - it was hot!! Those two were awesome together and provided so many laughs!!

This was such a great book and I hope these authors collaborate on another book soon!!

5 Stars

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