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My review of Touch: The Complete Series by Cara Dee

This book is the complete Touch Series with some extra stories to fill in some blanks and give you some extra kink. The book is definitely for 18+ with heavy BDSM and alternative lifestyles/relationships. I definitely found through the series I was getting attached to the characters as I loved that the same characters were throughout the series and they all formed relationships/friendships out of the club Switch.

1) Look but Don't Touch

Nicholas Ford owns 5 clubs and his baby is his BDSM club. Yet lately he is being pressured to settle down and marry someone so he has been denying his "Daddy" side. When he meets Kayla Brandon at his club he knows he wants her but he can't touch due to being in a vanilla relationship with Amanda Stevens.

Yet when fate happens to swing in Nicholas's favor will he get the woman he wants and the lifestyle too?

This book is a short novella to introduce us to Switch and some of the "players" in the series. I like Nicholas not cheating on Amanda but must admit that I am not a huge fan of the DD/lg stuff.

That being said I enjoyed the book still and I think those who enjoy the DD/lg scenarios would really enjoy this book.

I think Kayla is going to be a great character as you can see that she enjoys testing the limits and having lots of fun!

2) Twice the Touch

Mark Cooper is divorced and a bartender at Switch. He grew up with parents in an alternative lifestyle and he has chosen to follow his own path, unlike his 3 brothers who live on the straight and narrow. He is asked one night by Nicholas to assist two beginners with their scene.

Brayden Zeagler and Evangeline Lacroix are new to the BDSM lifestyle. Brayden grew up thinking that a heterosexual vanilla relationship is the only way to be normal and he fights through other feelings that he has. Will Mark be able to break down Brayden's walls so the three can develop something more?

I enjoyed this book and getting to know Mark, Brayden and Evangeline. It was also interesting getting a quick glimpse of Mark's brother, Greg who seems like a total ass.

I liked that Brayden and Evangeline knew they needed some help and appreciated Mark but it's totally unclear about how far Brayden will go due to his insecurities and brain washing from his dad. You can tell that Evangeline is a great person and so dedicated to Brayden but is very attracted to Mark as well and wants a little more.

I'm definitely curious to see what's next for these three!!

3) Touch to Surrender

Brayden Zeagler knows he is bisexual but that doesn't mean he's going to act on it due to the brainwashing he has received from his dad that it is completely wrong. Yet when he and his girlfriend, Evangeline Lacroix, end up doing some scenes with Mark Cooper he knows and wants something more but still won't act on it.

Will Mark and be able to show Brayden that it isn't wrong to deny who you really are and that you need to be yourself above all else?

This book is a lot deeper than the other books as it looks into more of the psychological aspects of being different and not conforming to society's rules and beliefs. Brayden's dad knew that Brayden was bisexual but opposed it and told him how wrong it was and so Brayden fought the person he really was.

Mark gradually was able to show Brayden that it wasn't wrong through showing him a scene with two people in love and gradually gained his complete trust. I loved watching the change in Brayden and how he finally was able to be true to himself.

4) Touch of Trouble

Kayla Brandon is engaged to Nicholas Ford and extremely happy that she has found a partner in her life as well as her lifestyle. She is also extremely interested in being a matchmaker and helping Nicholas expand Switch.

But when Nicholas believes that it is time for Kayla to make amends with her family will she obey him or will she rebel?

This book is almost an update on Kayla and Nicholas and also a preview to the next couple of books.

It was fun to see the conversations between Kayla and her cousins Amanda and Amber with how much they don't like each other. I am definitely glad that Kayla got the guy!!

I also loved the competition between Cade and Dylan against Kayla and Nicholas - it was so funny!!

The ending with Greg Cooper was definitely interesting and we'll see where that one goes.

5) Comforting Touch

Chelsea Dunn has just moved to San Francisco to be with her best friend Kayla Brandon. Little does she know that the man who changed her life 10 years ago is there and that their brief encounter all those years ago changed his life as well.

Rio Kelly is through with being attached to a woman but when he sees Chelsea again part of him wants to control her and be the Dom for her.

When Chelsea attends a party at Rio's place how far will Rio go to prevent her being with any man other than him and when a huge misunderstanding occurs will they be able to pick up the broken pieces?

This book is a little different than the others as it involves the slave/owner part of BDSM. I wasn't too sure what to expect but the book explains everything well and shows that it is completely consensual and nothing too crazy and out there.

I liked learning about Chelsea's past and the impact that Rio made when they first met.

The next book looks interesting with Dylan, Cade and Gabriella!

6) Touching Ink

Cade Kingsley is missing his "boy" Dylan for the past three months since Dylan returned to Texas and won't return any of his calls and messages. Cade pushed him away when he thought that he didn't want an exclusive relationship but now realizes he made a mistake. But Cade is not the only one hurting and soon he sees that Gabriella misses Dylan too and is hurting without him.

But as Cade begins to help Gabriella pick up the pieces of her life he realizes that he has feelings for her but hasn't gotten over Dylan yet.  When they learn the truth about what is happening with Dylan will they be able to convince Dylan to come home with them?

This book was one of my favorites in the series although it deals with a dominant Daddy/little girl/ and a middle boy. Some of the sex scenes still were weird to me but once got past the "scene" I enjoyed the relationships that were developing.

I wasn't too sure on how I felt about Cade due to the way he was shown in previous books but I think he ended up being one of my favorite Dom's at the end. I liked the way he was able to help both Gabriella and Dylan pick up the pieces of their lives by caring about them and making them feel comfortable.

Gabriella was rebelling from her previous relationship and she found herself in so much trouble and that led her to Cade. The two were able to develop a relationship gradually when both realized that they had feelings for the other. She was able to get herself refocused on what she wanted to do thanks to Cade and his support.

Dylan was one of my favorite characters and in this book everything he has been striving for is taken away from him and he feels as though he lost it all. This book really looks at his emotional lows and how he is struggling to deal with it all. When he opens up to Cade and then to Gabriella you can see that he needs the love he has been missing and also needs to know that he is accepted for having feelings for more than one person.

I hope that Cade can get through to Dylan and refocus his dreams!

7) Behind The Scenes - Touching the Truth

This story introduces us to Greg Cooper and the secrets that he has been hiding from everyone in his life. Greg feels like he needs to be punished for his thoughts and turns to Ryan and Angel Quinn but Greg has been lying to them about why he is really there.

When Greg is confronted by Angel will he deal with how he truly feels?

This story looks at Greg and his past and why he feels like he deserves to be punished and then how he goes to try and figure out what he really wants and how to feel comfortable in his own skin.

8) Behind the Scenes - The First Touch

This is the first real meeting between Dylan Reaves and Cade Kingsley and how their relationship begins.

9) Behind The Scenes - Losing His Touch

When Rio Kelly first sees Chelsea his reaction isn't what you think it's going to be.

10) Behind The Scenes - The Touch of a Sadist

Ryan Quinn misses Greg Cooper and he decides to try something new with his wife, Angel.

11) Behind The Scenes - Out of Touch

Mark Cooper is approached by Ryan Quinn about his brother, Greg. Mark and Greg are ready to have a talk and figure their relationship out.

12) Behind the Scenes - Symbolic Touches

Kayla Ford contacts Greg Cooper in order to put the past behind them and the different aspects of a Dominant Daddy/little girl lifestyle and other things about Switch.

13) Behind the Scenes - Touched by Ever After

Rio Kelly and his girlfriend Chelsea do a demonstration involving vacuum bags/beds and Chelsea gets some surprising news.

14) Epilogue - The Winning Touch

The epilogue takes place 4 years down the road where Dylan is competing in his first Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

This catches us up to date with all of the characters from the series and lets the reader know how everyone is doing.

4 Stars

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