Monday, June 19, 2017

My review of Beauty: Learning to Live (Devil's Blaze MC, #6) by Jordan Marie

Before reading Beauty you need to read Beast: Learning to Breathe

Hayden Graham has just left Michael and turned to the one person she knew could help her disappear - Mr. Torasani. But Hayden doesn't realize that Michael isn't just going to let her walk away from him that easy and even though she doesn't see him it doesn't mean that he is not there.

Michael is in love with Hayden and even though he has hurt her, he still needs to protect her from Blade who is still out there. When it's clear that Hayden is still in danger how far will Michael go to protect Hayden and her unborn child?

Can Hayden and Michael overcome their respective pasts and move on to a future together or is there too much hurt and resentment built up?

This conclusion is absolutely awesome with so many highs and lows!! There were so many twists and turns that I didn't see coming that I felt like I was on some sort of roller coaster that I never wanted to end.

Hayden has left Michael due to the revelations from the last book. She still is in love with him but knows that they can't be together. But when things go downhill he is there for her and will protect her with everything he has. As Hayden reveals what she knows about his past it brings them closer together and on a different level than before. 

As in the first book the sexual tension between these two is through the roof!! I absolutely love that Michael is not perfect yet he is to Hayden and she sees past his "imperfections". There is truly so much love between them although Michael is afraid of love.

I loved the "strawberries" and the sense that it evoked. The feeling if a guardian angel and I only wish Michael had been able to sense what was coming when it all went to hell. I really did love this part of the book especially when the link between Drummer and Michael was revealed. I did not see that coming at all!!

This book brought hope and I can't wait to see what the next book involves!! Devil is quite the character and I love the friend he has been to Sunshine!! 

5 Stars

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