Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My review of His Girl by Aria Cole

Hawk Larson left his small town in Indiana to become a famous quarterback for the Bears but an injury has brought him back. Now he is face to face with the girl who broke his heart when he left.

Morgan Quinn is a mom to 4 year old Emerson. She thought she did the right thing years ago by letting Hawk live his dreams while she nursed her own broken heart.

Yet when they meet up will they be able to move forward or will the reasons and secrets behind their split get in their way of a future together?

I enjoyed this book and the reasons why they split in the first place.

Morgan really believed she was doing the right thing by breaking up with Hawk, even though it broke her heart to do so. Yet she received something amazing in the process and worked super hard at supporting herself and Emerson.

Hawk had every right to be mad at Quinn and although it would have changed some things it's hard to say what would have happened to them if he had stayed or if she went with him.

My only real dislike of the book was Hawk referring to himself as "Daddy". He is the same age as Morgan and it just kind of grossed me out being a mom. To me it just sounds wrong but that is my personal opinion.

Other than that a great book!!

4 Stars

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