Friday, June 16, 2017

My review of His First by Jenika Snow

Moira, 20, has been in love with her father's friend, Braxton Richfield, for years and she is finally working up the courage to do something about it if she gets the chance.

Braxton Richfield is the CEO of a billion dollar corporation and has been secretly in love with Moira for 2 years. When he has dinner with her and her father, Charles, he knows that he must act on his feelings soon but doesn't know if she feels the same for him.

When the two come face to face will they realize how they feel about each other or will their age difference cause issues for time?

This was a great quick read that leaves you wanting more and feeling like this book wasn't enough.

The sexual tension between the two was hot especially when they did finally get together. They both had feelings for each other for so long that I knew once they got together it would be great and hot!!

I loved the epilogues to let us know what happened with them in the future and I'm glad that love overcame everything. Although considering that Charles was dating a girl around Moira's age I wasn't surprised!

4 Stars

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