Friday, February 5, 2016

My review of X Marks the Spot by Kimmie Easley

Jolene Miller is trying to leave her past behind her, as well as the family business. She has become a lawyer in San Diego and is involved in a relationship with Brad, a fellow attorney at the company she works for. But when she receives a phone call from her sister, Jessa asking her to come home she finally does so.

Once home she discovers that her childhood love, Ronin Steele has been accused of murder and he claims he is innocent. Will Jolene be able to help him and find out if there is a traitor in among The Executioners, the motorcycle club to which her father is the president and Ronin a member.

I really enjoyed this book and all of the tension among everyone as there was definitely a lack of trust in the club with Ronin being charged with murder. I loved the relationship between Ronin and Jolene as they began to discover what had happened between them and why Jolene disappeared.

I absolutely loved the character of Ruth! She was definitely the one that kept everyone together and grounded. It's still interesting to see how the members "viewed" women, even in this day.

I can't wait to see where this series goes!

4.5 Stars

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