Monday, February 8, 2016

My review of To Dance Again by Hebby Roman

Marciel Orlando Cardona's husband Felipe died 2 years ago and her daughter Isabel has just discovered that Felipe is not her biological dad. Marciel promises Isabel that she will return to Puerto Rico, where she grew up to tell her biological father that he has a daughter before Isabel arrives.

Ramon Morales grew up poor and was seen by Marciel's parents as not good enough for her. Yet he has managed to start his company in real estate and has turned into a millionaire. He was married once but has never forgotten his first love Marciel.

When Marciel and Ramon see each other again both are keeping secrets from each other and they must discover if they still are in love with each other or only with the idea as they have both spend so many years apart. Will the secrets they are keeping from the other ultimately tear them apart?

I really enjoyed this book. I can't imagine keeping a secret for that long and I really don't know if the truth would have come out if Isabel hadn't discovered it for herself. Marciel has to really come to terms with how telling Ramon the truth may cause her to lose him, yet she still holds off telling him.

I felt so bad for Ramon in the book with his illness. I completely understand why he didn't want anyone to know as he never wanted pity from anyone, yet really suffered for it.

I think the book really shows how fate can prepare us for what we need in life and when we need it. As Marciel talks about they would have given up so much for each other when they were younger that they wouldn't be where they are today if they had managed to stay together.

4 Stars

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  1. Thank you so much for your insightful review and heartfelt endorsement of my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it and could empathize with the characters and how life can move in mysterious ways. But in the end, love will triumph over all. I appreciate your review.