Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My review of Only One by Lucy Gage

This book centers around Liam Neely and Jenna Ackerman, both of who were introduced in Back to December and their relationship to each other and to Rob Deacon. The book goes into the history of both the characters and we see glimpses of how their lives were intertwined without being aware of it until much later.

Liam Neely is afraid to commit in a relationship sue to both a past relationship and watching his parents marriage dissolve. So instead he has "flings" with around 4 different women in different towns. Yet when he meets Jenna he knows that part of him wants to change. Jenna is attracted to Liam instantly and wants Liam to commit to her but will not say anything to him.

When their lives change in a moment they must decide whether or not their relationship is worth the effort. Then another event happens that makes others question the past and whether two people are holding secrets that can ruin four peoples lives.

I loved the characters of Jenna and Liam - even if at times I wanted to strangle them both for not doing what I thought they should! There are so many characters of the book who add personality to the story and add in some great touches. Looking forward to the next one in the series!

4.5 Stars

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