Monday, February 22, 2016

My review of Deceived by Samyah Leighton

Jackson Delaney's life has just turned upside down with the revelations that came out after his brother was killed in a drunk driving accident. Desperate to right what was wrong he asks his "niece", Sutton, to come live with him in San Antonio as he is the quarterback for the San Antonio Steelers. As he struggles to come to terms with Sutton he knows he must come face to face with the woman who broke his heart in the past, Skyler Deveraux.

Skyler has moved on from her past with Jackson and is now trying to get divorced from her husband Christopher when Jackson confronts her with their past. As Skyler tries to move forward and find a "neutral" place with Sutton and Jackson she is finally content with what the future holds. But the past just won't let go.

I must admit that when I began the book I had no idea that more were coming and as I was nearing the end I could feel that something bad was going to happen but I knew that there was not going to be enough pages to get everything resolved. Part of me was super frustrated as I really wanted a HEA but I knew I wasn't going to get it!

I enjoyed the book and I liked all of the dynamics but still have no idea what really went down between Jackson and Skyler when they were younger. There are so many questions still that I need answers too! I really liked Sutton and could understand why she was so comfortable with Jackson as opposed to Skylar.

Looking forward to the next book!

4 Stars

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