Thursday, February 18, 2016

My review of Carnal by Victoria Danaan

Elora Rose Storm, known as "Rosie" asks for help from the angel Kellareal to get her some time away and he brings her to another dimension where he has brought a hybrid population that were about to be terminated. This group, known as The Exiled, are there to protect the humans living in Farsuitwall.

Rosie lives with Free, the leader of the Exiled, and his family and soon immerses herself in their culture and learns more about them. But Rosie has questions and knows she most protect this group at all costs. But when she begins to feel an attraction to Carnal she wonders at what cost will her heart be taken.

I found the beginning of the book was a little slow and then it just took off and I was like wow! I loved the character of Rosie and how she was protecting herself and her secret but really wanted to help The Exiled. She was super smart and really loved the people who trusted her. I liked the attraction that she and Carnal had and how he slowly went about gaining her trust before really making any moves on her, although he had claimed her.

I must say that the ending took me by complete surprise and I was so shocked!

4 Stars

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