Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My review of No Going Back by Petie McCarty

After her mother dies, Kellen Brand and her brother Joey inherit the family homestead in Riverside, West Virginia that they thought she had sold. Luckily they already have a buyer in mind, a Mr.Corazon, but Kellen must head to West Virginia to get everything in order and pack up the place.

Unfortunately being in Riverside also brings up memories of a difficult time where their family was without much money and struggled to get by. Yet, Kellen's mom also tells her that she has left her a guardian angel to watch over her while she is there and it turns out she may need the angel more than she ever thought.

And now in Riverside there appears to be ghosts and some other unexplained things happening that Kellen wants to get to the bottom of - even if it puts her life in danger!

Then Kellen meets the handsome Luke Kenyon, a sexy cowboy, and wonders if he may be her angel as he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Will Kellen fall for this angel or will her past relationship with childhood friend David Bainter put a damper on any relationship?

This was the first time I have read this author and it definitely will not be my last. I found that I was very engaged in the book and wanted to know what happened next. I loved Kellen in that she had both so many good and bad memories from their home and had to really come to terms with all of her memories.

I really enjoyed the relationship she had with Luke and the banter between them. Their relationship was fun and full of sarcasm that was really enjoyable to read. I really hoped things would work out with them as they tried to hide their feelings but really cared.

The ending surprised me with who all was involved but their was definitely one I was not surprised with as a bad guy. I really liked when I found out at the restaurant who was involved with that side of it and it made me super happy!!

Looking forward to reading another one by this author for sure!

4 Stars!

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