Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My review of Sensual Diversions: 14 Sexy Shorts Presented by Lavish Publishing

This book is a series of hot excerpts from the authors collections, with the exception of two novellas. The cool thing is that after each story the writer also gives a personal glimpse into their thoughts on things or something that happened in their own lives. This lets us in on the personal side of these great women!

I have read several of these books in their entirety and some I am definitely now looking forward to!

1) Rock Me, Gently - Carol Cassada
Scott and Melissa have just split up after losing their baby. Scott is a rockstar with The Dark Souls and Melissa is a nurse and both still feel like they are meant to be with the other. When Scott takes Melissa out for a motorbike ride and then talk, they realize when they return to Melissa's just how much they are meant to be!

2) Flying the Red Flag - Cherime MacFarlane
Algen and Gunrik have finally gotten together for dinner after being attracted to each other. But after dinner, there is definitely more than dessert being eaten and not much sleep happening!

3) Afire - Ella Medler
Riella Smith is a modern day Romany Princess who is being trailed by Luca. Luca is a young king who wants to make Riella his bride and make their wedding night one she won't forget.

4) You Found Me - Izzibella Beau
Adrian and Cassie have been corresponding for years and when they finally meet will it be everything they have both hoped for?

5) The Virgin Bride - LJ Sexton
David and Ashley are high school sweethearts who are hoping their wedding night will be a magical night for the both of them.

6) The Interview - J.C. Clarke
Xavier Sallis is a master at pleasing women and something he has been working on since he was 18 years old. When Megan Brayer is given the chance at interviewing him on how he became so successful at his job she has no idea how personal this interview is about to get.

7) Saving Cassie - L.A. Remenicky
Cassie's life is in danger and deputy Logan Miller has moved into her place to help protect her. Soon it becomes apparent that maybe the attraction between the two of them is heating up and putting Cassie's heart in danger.

8) His Dark Playroom - Nicole Garcia
Allison and Mason have just begun dating when he takes her into a completely dark room. When it is apparent that Allison is having trouble with what is happening around her, Mason asks her to leave only realizing then that once he explains everything she may be more than willing to comply.

9) Fire Lust - R.E. Hargrave
Cody Stevens and Heather Marsden are in love and wanting to celebrate Cody's birthday in the most special way, knowing that this one may be his last. When Heather meets Suzanne at school they are drawn to each other and knows they can help each other for support.

10) The Wall - Samantha Jacobey
Sarah Matthews has been possessed by an evil spirit which is making her do things that she would not normally do. When Sarah meets Chase at a local pub, it is apparent that playing pool is not all she will be doing for the night.

11) Chaise Lounge Quickie - Sophie Slade
Sometimes as a parent you need to find any moment to make the sparks fly with your spouse. For human Leila and her vampire husband Lance, they happen to find a Chaise one night and make the most of it.

12) Full Disclosure - Teri Riggs
Nick and True are college lovers who have split up and time has gone by when they meet up again through work. When Nick's co-worker, Brad Easley, tries to attack True they realize how much they still love each other and have a night together to bring them back in love.

13) Take My Breath Away - Phoebe Parks
Karina is finally introducing her boyfriend Connor to all of her girlfriends but when it is apparent that all of her girlfriends already have "seen" more of Connor on facebook than they could have imagined they do all they can to protect Karina.

14) An Interesting Proposition - R.G. Williamson
Connor Dare is having a dinner meeting at a restaurant for business when he is getting "looks" from Chase's wife Cherry. That night Cherry shows up at his hotel and wants to continue with their own private meeting.

4 Stars