Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bacon Ranch Chicken

Slow cooker night!

I was planning on making this a different night but due to the 3-4 hours on high I decided it would be perfect for a night with hockey practice.

This one was so easy to prepare and smelled awesome when I got home. I cooked the chicken for a bit over 4 hours due to not getting home as soon as I thought I would but it didn't burn or get too crispy at all. This was probably the easiest I ever had chicken shred for me and it was so moist and delicious!

I think if I made it again I would throw in a little extra bacon bits just because I personally think it could use a little more bacon taste. I mixed it up with the egg noodles and it was so delicious!

So yummy and can't wait to make it again!!

This was the first time I have used a recipe from Crockin Girls and it certainly won't be my last!

Here's the link:

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