Monday, February 29, 2016

My review of Ravaged River by Lindsay Cross

This is one of my favorite series and I really hope it never ends. Although technically each book can be read as a stand-alone it is honestly better to start with book 1 to get a better sense of the characters and this book definitely has some reasons to go back.

Hoyt Crowe is trying to live with the punishment that was inflicted upon him by his cousin and cousin's girlfriend and has done so with a bottle. But unless he shapes up his job may soon be in jeopardy as a member of TFS - Task Force Scorpion. When it becomes clear that their nemesis may still be alive and has passed personal information onto Zafarel Abdul they know that sleeper cells are in town and after them.

Hayden James has feelings for Hoyt Crowe but knows that he is pushing her away due to his injuries. When Hayden begins to get close to Malik Hussein suspicion is cast and Hoyt must protect her no matter how much he wants to stay far away from her.

This book had so many twists that I was suspecting people and then thought they were good then back to guilty again. It rocked and I was so happy to kept in this much suspense!

So I have had mixed feelings about Hayden in the past but I know that she is really a good person deep down and genuinely cares about Hoyt. Hoyt has so much inner turmoil and it is so understandable with everything he went through in the past.

It's very difficult to write anything without spoiling things so let me say how awesome Lindsay did with keeping me engaged and doubting myself and my loyalties!

Another great book and crossing my fingers for more!!  

5 Stars

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