Friday, February 12, 2016

My review of Blindsight The Series by Adriane Leigh

Part One:


Erin Warner is a copy-writer and editor who is meeting a potential client when she bumps into the mysterious Hunter Ellis. Hunter offers Erin a job on the spot as his Personal Assistant as he is a photographer.

As Erin gets closer to Hunter she learns he is holding secrets close to him and she is captivated by him, yet knows everything is not as it seems.

Then it leaves you with a total OMG moment!

This is definitely a book for mature audiences and be forewarned it is part of a series as the end it a total shock and I can't believe I have to wait for the next book!

Part Two:

I have such a love/hate relationship with this series! I absolutely love this series and I hate that I have to wait for the next installment when I am left constantly with such a cliffhanger!!

In the second book Erin discovers that Hunter knows the secret that she has been keeping from him but it turns out that Hunter knows way more about Brant than what Erin does.

Hunter needs to keep Erin safe and Erin realizes that she might be the safest with him, although that idea scares her to death!

I love the chemistry between Hunter and Erin! These two are so hot together, even with all the secrets that they both have from the other. As they start to be more honest with each other their relationship becomes even more raw and passionate.

Their is so much mystery in the book and I almost feel as if there is another set of eyes upon the whole situation that we are about to find out about. I am desperately waiting for the next book!!

Part Three:

Wow! OMG!!

So Erin is in a not good position at the beginning of the book and knows it has to be Hunter that gets her! But I can't write much more without spoiling everything and I just can't do it to you!

This book was so full of secrets that are revealed that I honestly had no idea that were coming. They totally took me by surprise and left me with an open mouth and and OMG moments throughout!

This series is amazing and mysterious and definitely for 18+. I loved it and love how the ending definitely does not mean that the series is over!!

5 Stars!!

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