Thursday, February 25, 2016

My review of London with a Dare by Angela Ford & Jennifer Conner

I have not read any of the original Dare series but after reading this book I am very intrigued to see what I have missed!

Chapple Palmer is assigned to show Ian and Riley Dare and their assistant Elisha Shepard around London as part of his duty as captain of the London Lions, the local football club. Ian is in town for his US football team, the Miami Thunder to play in London.

Chapple is desperate for some good press, being known as a complete womanizer but as Elisha gets to know him she sees two sides of him. As the two get closer will the real Chapple come out and what will happen once Elisha's two weeks in London are over?

I really enjoyed this book and getting to know the real Chapple. I can't imagine what it is like being portrayed in the press one certain way and no one even wanting to know the real truth as it doesn't sell papers. I love that Elisha provided him what he needed with trust and second chances, due to the past that both endured.

Such a great book and I look forward to more collaborations between these two authors!

5 Stars

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